Wednesday, May 18, 2005

we have to hand it to you guys. you managed to name nearly every skinny starlet under the sun in britpoppa's semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. one of you even guessed yourself (good one). but a number of you called mischa barton, way to go. sometimes her disproportionately large - though quite sexy - hips and bum, throw us off and we forget that the rest of her is stick thin.

a couple of savvy livejournal britpoppa fans did some deductive reasoning to land at the right gal. "Nicole Ritchie is my guess! There aren't any freckles, so it cannot be Lohan," one said. to which the other responded, "Not Ritchie since she's got tattoo's on her back too." "Oh, then I'd opt for Mischa Barton in that case," said the first. it looks like we have some junior detectives in our midst. watch out, carmen sandiego.

wrong guesses: keira knightley, lindsay lohan, katie holmes, selma blair, nicole richie, jessica simpson, leathernad