Monday, May 02, 2005

kelly osbourne in wonderland? while the bow isn't too offensive, we think she's taken her love of cartoons a little too far.

cameron diaz and justin timberlake may marry at the posh hotel du cap in france this weekend. they've booked every room in the cannes attendee favorite. and they'll be joined soon onscreen as well. jt's taken a part in shrek 3.

sometimes blind items (from page six and ny daily news) are obvious:
  • WHICH newly married actor isn't so faithful? Before he walked down the aisle with his lovely actress wife, he walked into a bedroom and got nasty with a hard-partying Hollywood starlet whom many know intimately (chad michael murray and paris hilton)
  • Which soulful young pop star is dealing with a nasty blackmail situation on account of her secret same-sex proclivities? (alicia keys)

    sometimes they're not (can you guess who they are?):
  • Which squeaky-clean Hollywood actor trawls the East Village for punk girls to hook up with? "The skankier the better," says a witness.
  • WHICH diminutive rock star isn't so faithful to his lovely wife? While she keeps the home fires burning, he's out being bad with an exotic woman
  • WHICH skirt-chasing actor has been two-timing not only his wife, but the sexy blond superstar that he's been cheating with? The horndog was spotted making out with a lithe young lovely in front of the Mercer Hotel before checking into a suite for more naughtiness.

    johnny knoxville, jackass with an interest in modern literature? in his sweatband-adorned hand, he totes ian mcewan's bestseller, atonement. hmmm.

    we always thought scarlett johansson and vanity fair were as perfectly matched as catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas - she's the willing ingenue to their dirty old man. guess we were wrong.

    are hilary duff and joel madden openly dating now? can anyone clear this up for us? we've been seeing more and more pictures of them together and being more affectionate and now hil's mom is commenting on their relationship?!? she's still underage, right?

    have britney spears's breasts gotten enormous in the last few days or is it just us? we think she should take advantage of those boobs and this time before her bump - it's a boy - really starts showing and become the next dolly parton.

    proof sienna miller is with jude law for the right reasons. don't cry: it's just a ring, babe. or is it a symbol of more bad luck to come?

    rebecca loos is history. the newest lady on the other end of beckham's text messages is pouty vixen esther canadas.

    in case you weren't at the spider club this past weekend, you missed avril lavigne getting totally smashed. of course, this isn't exactly news anymore, is it? now ashley olsen getting crazy drunk - that's another story.