Monday, May 16, 2005

jennifer garner's finally showing off the rock that ben affleck bought her for their shotgun wedding. is that thing cushion cut? eww, gag me with a fork.

jake gyllenhaal's been sowing his oats all over town. first he was filling up maria with his grace, then he went all "sex and the city" and became a modelizer with daria werbowy, and now he's sticking it to little miss stick thin herself, lindsay lohan. looks like someone's trying to dodge those recent gay rumors.

we have to admit, natalie portman looked pretty cute with her shaved head at cannes the other day. but we can't say we enjoy it as much as she seems to.

yea! arrested development is coming back. we don't know what we'd do without gob.

since full throttle didn't wow 'em at the box office, we now present charlie's latest angels. all brittany murphy needs is her own mtv reality show.

dave chappelle explains his mental breakdown.

the paparazzi are claiming that gwen stefani is pregnant. yup, that stomach is certainly bulging. if gwen's not pregnant, she must be on the kirstie alley diet.

everyone should lay off prince harry for that nazi incident. he was just imitating elvis.

we wonder if tom cruise knows about katie holmes's fugtacular feet. things are getting pretty "serious" between them. she's met his kids; he's meeting her parents. while we're certainly wary about this couple's credibility, if the cruise connection helped knock sienna miller off factory girl, we're all for it.