Wednesday, May 04, 2005

divine justice has intervened and punished katie holmes for the crime of relationship fraud. guess tom cruise has a pretty monster case of herpes.

and speaking of publicity stunts, oprah is a bitch for pulling this lame-ass one - and so's her daughter.

justin timberlake's having surgery on his vocal chords next week. good thing there's no honeymoon to ruin.

angelina jolie and brad pitt are having better sex than you are. well, we guess they are. i mean, you could be having great sex, i suppose. hopefully you are.

we all know colin farrell is a horndog, but sex with a 70-year-old woman? that's just obscene.

britney's gone from brunette to blonde and from frapuccinos to iced tea. that better be caffeine-free, missy.

robbie williams has been rumored to have have dated both kelly and aimee osbourne. but he's only had phone sex with sharon.

some matches made in skank heaven: tara reid and tommy lee, jessica simpson and fred durst

mary-kate olsen has inadvertently revealed her secret to staying so thin (you know, besides the not eating thing) - she's a smoker. her 8-year-old fans better not hear about this. their little innocent hearts will be broken.

jessica simpson and lindsay lohan are duking it out. not in the battle for sex with johnny knoxville (they both won that one), but in the battle for worst dressed of the week. will it go to the cut-offs or the leggings?