Thursday, May 26, 2005

britpoppa's gone on sabbatical. get your gossip from us at the bosh.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

we have to hand it to you guys. you managed to name nearly every skinny starlet under the sun in britpoppa's semi-weekly celebrity guessing game. one of you even guessed yourself (good one). but a number of you called mischa barton, way to go. sometimes her disproportionately large - though quite sexy - hips and bum, throw us off and we forget that the rest of her is stick thin.

a couple of savvy livejournal britpoppa fans did some deductive reasoning to land at the right gal. "Nicole Ritchie is my guess! There aren't any freckles, so it cannot be Lohan," one said. to which the other responded, "Not Ritchie since she's got tattoo's on her back too." "Oh, then I'd opt for Mischa Barton in that case," said the first. it looks like we have some junior detectives in our midst. watch out, carmen sandiego.

wrong guesses: keira knightley, lindsay lohan, katie holmes, selma blair, nicole richie, jessica simpson, leathernad
we spy a cheap trick fan. renee zellweger (in her first photo since getting hitched) proves that no matter how skinny you are, you can still have a double chin.

liv tyler and milo are so sweet. there's nothing better than a cute baby.

lindsay lohan has been heinously co-opting the boho style of sienna miller since she went blonde. and she's not the only one. check out jessica simpson's blatant theft here.

what's up with jennifer garner? is she like the most boring celebrity in the world or what? we know, we should find her strong-hearted resolve to stay normal in the midst of hollywood duplicity charming, but it just annoys us. throw on proenza schouler instead of the patagonia once in a while.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

britpoppa needs a refresher. we're getting stale. and we're just one of many these days. we know it's asking a lot to get some reader feedback in the age of undying apathy, but we could use your comments. what could we do to make britpoppa more fun? what do you like about us? what does britpoppa do that makes you groan? why do you come to us when trent, perez and dana are on the scene? any suggestions you could provide would be greatly appreciated. we're feeling jaded and britpoppa may be on its last legs if we don't do something soon. we apologise for our earnestness. thanks.

Monday, May 16, 2005

in these days of the shrinking starlet, it's no surprise to see actresses copying mary-kate olsen's physique as well as her fashion sense. so which celeb's bony back is this? post your guesses in the comments section and come back wednesday for the answer.
jennifer garner's finally showing off the rock that ben affleck bought her for their shotgun wedding. is that thing cushion cut? eww, gag me with a fork.

jake gyllenhaal's been sowing his oats all over town. first he was filling up maria with his grace, then he went all "sex and the city" and became a modelizer with daria werbowy, and now he's sticking it to little miss stick thin herself, lindsay lohan. looks like someone's trying to dodge those recent gay rumors.

we have to admit, natalie portman looked pretty cute with her shaved head at cannes the other day. but we can't say we enjoy it as much as she seems to.

yea! arrested development is coming back. we don't know what we'd do without gob.

since full throttle didn't wow 'em at the box office, we now present charlie's latest angels. all brittany murphy needs is her own mtv reality show.

dave chappelle explains his mental breakdown.

the paparazzi are claiming that gwen stefani is pregnant. yup, that stomach is certainly bulging. if gwen's not pregnant, she must be on the kirstie alley diet.

everyone should lay off prince harry for that nazi incident. he was just imitating elvis.

we wonder if tom cruise knows about katie holmes's fugtacular feet. things are getting pretty "serious" between them. she's met his kids; he's meeting her parents. while we're certainly wary about this couple's credibility, if the cruise connection helped knock sienna miller off factory girl, we're all for it.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

we're so stoked: bitchy mcbitcherson was relieved from her role as edie sedgwick in factory girl. she never deserved that part anyway. again, we plea: kirsten, please!
world's easiest blind item (via popbitch):
Which colourful US female popstar has a secret lesbian love in London? Whenever she's in town, the star likes to get the party started with her record company lover. Both girls have a thing about bikers: the popstar dates them, while the SonyBMG girl has a copy of Hard Dykes On Bykes on her laptop.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

britpoppa congratulates renee zellweger for finally finding the cowboy of her dreams. eat your hearts out, jim, jack and damien.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

most of you who braved britpoppa's semi-weekly celebrity guessing game managed to name the faux farrah correctly, parker posey. could it be that our hint as to her bad hair day history made the game too simple? we couldn't resist a jab at the mop top she sported for the broadway revival of hurlyburly, though. or maybe it was the top she wore in this picture. parker's quite fond of it - she also wore it on an outing with olympia dukakis in 2003. at least one of you didn't know who she was. that person guessed juliette lewis. maybe next time.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

divine justice has intervened and punished katie holmes for the crime of relationship fraud. guess tom cruise has a pretty monster case of herpes.

and speaking of publicity stunts, oprah is a bitch for pulling this lame-ass one - and so's her daughter.

justin timberlake's having surgery on his vocal chords next week. good thing there's no honeymoon to ruin.

angelina jolie and brad pitt are having better sex than you are. well, we guess they are. i mean, you could be having great sex, i suppose. hopefully you are.

we all know colin farrell is a horndog, but sex with a 70-year-old woman? that's just obscene.

britney's gone from brunette to blonde and from frapuccinos to iced tea. that better be caffeine-free, missy.

robbie williams has been rumored to have have dated both kelly and aimee osbourne. but he's only had phone sex with sharon.

some matches made in skank heaven: tara reid and tommy lee, jessica simpson and fred durst

mary-kate olsen has inadvertently revealed her secret to staying so thin (you know, besides the not eating thing) - she's a smoker. her 8-year-old fans better not hear about this. their little innocent hearts will be broken.

jessica simpson and lindsay lohan are duking it out. not in the battle for sex with johnny knoxville (they both won that one), but in the battle for worst dressed of the week. will it go to the cut-offs or the leggings?

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

ashlee simpson has a new hairdo. or is that lisa kudrow? what do you think of her metamorphosis?
not much news today. the biggest story is that this picture of jennifer garner has everyone and their mom suspecting that a pregnancy is the reason that ben affleck recently asked her to be his bride.

we saw house of wax last night. despite our initial skepticism, we decided it was pretty rad. i mean, dean wouldn't make a bad movie, now would he? *spoiler* he definitely has the coolest death.

someone better put kelly osbourne on xanax before she loses her shit in the wrong place at the wrong time (4th item).

christina ricci loved working on the horror movie, cursed so much that she's decided to masquerade as a zombie in real life. i'm sorry, but no one should look that dead without makeup on at only 25. get some sleep, girl.

the british press really wants to insinuate that angelina jolie is an incestual pedophile. guess targeting michael jackson just got too boring.

tomkat: celibate, but kinky

gwyneth paltrow teaches little apple how to swim. we'd make some mean comment, but this picture is just too adorable.

add this to the list of biggest conspiracies after the false moon landing: oprah and steadman's secret love child.

mary-kate olsen has decided to take on a summer internship as a garbage man. either that or she's been raiding the jumpsuit section of chloe sevigny's closet. that girl has one big collection of jumpsuits.

Monday, May 02, 2005

this gal's current farrah 'do isn't the only bad hair day she's had lately. she recently sported one of the ugliest hairstyles we've ever seen for a role on the stage. do you know who she is? bonus points if you can a) name the reason for her past awful hairdo and, b) link to a photo of it.
kelly osbourne in wonderland? while the bow isn't too offensive, we think she's taken her love of cartoons a little too far.

cameron diaz and justin timberlake may marry at the posh hotel du cap in france this weekend. they've booked every room in the cannes attendee favorite. and they'll be joined soon onscreen as well. jt's taken a part in shrek 3.

sometimes blind items (from page six and ny daily news) are obvious:
  • WHICH newly married actor isn't so faithful? Before he walked down the aisle with his lovely actress wife, he walked into a bedroom and got nasty with a hard-partying Hollywood starlet whom many know intimately (chad michael murray and paris hilton)
  • Which soulful young pop star is dealing with a nasty blackmail situation on account of her secret same-sex proclivities? (alicia keys)

    sometimes they're not (can you guess who they are?):
  • Which squeaky-clean Hollywood actor trawls the East Village for punk girls to hook up with? "The skankier the better," says a witness.
  • WHICH diminutive rock star isn't so faithful to his lovely wife? While she keeps the home fires burning, he's out being bad with an exotic woman
  • WHICH skirt-chasing actor has been two-timing not only his wife, but the sexy blond superstar that he's been cheating with? The horndog was spotted making out with a lithe young lovely in front of the Mercer Hotel before checking into a suite for more naughtiness.

    johnny knoxville, jackass with an interest in modern literature? in his sweatband-adorned hand, he totes ian mcewan's bestseller, atonement. hmmm.

    we always thought scarlett johansson and vanity fair were as perfectly matched as catherine zeta-jones and michael douglas - she's the willing ingenue to their dirty old man. guess we were wrong.

    are hilary duff and joel madden openly dating now? can anyone clear this up for us? we've been seeing more and more pictures of them together and being more affectionate and now hil's mom is commenting on their relationship?!? she's still underage, right?

    have britney spears's breasts gotten enormous in the last few days or is it just us? we think she should take advantage of those boobs and this time before her bump - it's a boy - really starts showing and become the next dolly parton.

    proof sienna miller is with jude law for the right reasons. don't cry: it's just a ring, babe. or is it a symbol of more bad luck to come?

    rebecca loos is history. the newest lady on the other end of beckham's text messages is pouty vixen esther canadas.

    in case you weren't at the spider club this past weekend, you missed avril lavigne getting totally smashed. of course, this isn't exactly news anymore, is it? now ashley olsen getting crazy drunk - that's another story.