Tuesday, April 12, 2005

what's ashton kutcher been up to lately? besides starring in a couple of mediocre movies, apparently he's been playing guess who and taking a freaky looking demi moore out on the town. maybe she's trying to pull a shandi and get high fashion for her upcoming role as a versace spokesmodel.

britney baby alert: page sixsixsix says she's in the hospital due to pregnancy complications. we're really pulling for you, hon. we're desperate to see how a child raised solely on cheetos and red bull will look.

it looks like k.d. lang is giving tobey maguire a run for his money. but seriously, in a world of shrinking kates, jessicas and nicoles, it's nice to see some ladies packing on the pounds.

kate beckinsale is prepping herself for the stunts in the underworld sequel by smoking up a storm. but even a diet of cigarettes hasn't spared this english rose from the horrors of cellulite.

the words of a genius: "in addition to my own sense of style, i think a lot of people admire tinkerbell's look as well." - paris hilton on her motivation for designing dog collars. is there anything she won't put her name on?

the only thing more boring than playing charades is watching other people play it. but seriously rosie perez yelling out some off-target guesses could be pretty funny.

jessica alba has decided she never wants to be without cash (warren, her boyfriend). she's sure to be the subject of engagement speculation as she's been spotted wearing a ring on her left hand. he's a civilian and all, but couldn't her man spring for a bigger rock?

why hasn't ben affleck gotten a nobel prize yet?

lookin good, j. lo. or is it j. anth? next time leave the heavy colored eye shadow to the golden girls set, okay?

when you're a celebrity, you can invite people you've never met to your birthday party. we're aiming high for our 25th - sexy sexagenarian kurt loder. (can you believe it? he's totally turning 60 next month)

lindsay lohan decrees the new look for spring: sideburns. is it just us or does she look a little like elijah wood in this picture?