Wednesday, April 13, 2005

we're still stoked about the britney/kevin pregnancy, so we dropped them a note of congratulations this morning. these recent pics of the couple make it look as though kevin's been putting on some sympathy weight. what a nice guy. he even spent hours at brit's bedside when she was admitted to the hospital last week. that aside, who's this woman following them around?

with his legions of failed relationships (juliette lewis, gwyneth paltrow, jennifer aniston), brad pitt's a pro at the break-up thing. no wonder he helped his troy co-star orlando bloom get over his split with kate bosworth. yeah, we bet they spent a lot of time "comforting" each other.

missed the charles and camilla nuptials on purpose? maybe sophia bush and chad michael murray are more your style. rumor is they're tying the knot this weekend after spending this past one in vegas doing the bachelor/bachelorette party thing. that gives paris and lindsay one last chance to break things up (via oh no they didn't).

it's not fair. how come the skinny girls lose weight after a break-up? we always run to the ice cream.

we were kind of looking forward to tonight's premiere of "revelations" on nbc. apocalypse? awesome. bill pullman? cool. natascha mcelhone? hot. fred durst? total cock block.

if you want to hang with jamie foxx, you better smile for the camera, bitch.

liv tyler looks a little bummed as she walks her king charles spaniel. she's probably thinking about her ex-boyfriend, joaquin phoenix, who just checked into rehab. hey liv, since he can't hit the bottle, why don't you send him some virtual crack?

planning a visit to washington state? don't miss kurt cobain's hometown of aberdeen. and don't worry how you look - they want you to come as you are.

everyone knows that now when paris and nicole call each other "bitch" they aren't joking, but have things gotten so bad that hilton needs a new "simple life" co-star? apparently she's hoping to snag mary-kate or ashley, while nicole may do her own "newlyweds" with fiance, dj am (via oh no they didn't).

if you still care about natalie imbruglia/that dude from silverchair...

we were sad to see lluvy leave "america's next top model" last week. even the boy liked her. and we thought for sure flesh-eaten michelle would get the boot. but it was not to be. if you're missing her already, check out this interview.

spring break is coming to "the oc" and they're doing it up boca style - check out seth's geriatric sunglasses. we can't wait for this episode when sexy sin city siren jamie king (or james as we still refer to her from back in her horse riding and delias catalog days) plays some shuffleboard with the boys. what will summer and marissa think?