Thursday, April 14, 2005

scarlett johansson is still having some skin problems. nice to know that the gorgeous girl with the sexy voice has a bit of monet in her. and speaking of clueless... (via pink is the new blog).

brittany murphy loves to give it away. first she's kissing homeless men and now she's posing for our "american bravehearts". let's make her the next pope. and to kill two birds with one stone, let's nominate j.lo for sainthood.

lindsay lohan's been stalking her ex, wilmer valderrama, prompting him to get a bodyguard. this dude must be a pretty big pansy if he's scared of a 86-pound 18-year-old. guess he doesn't have to stretch much to play fez after all.

we never really bought in to chris klein's appeal. and we certainly questioned how he managed to bag a babe like katie holmes. but now that we've seen his mugshot from the dui he was charged with 2 months ago, we understand. guess we just like bad boys (via defamer).

this dude from interpol must live under a goddamn rock. either that or he's just a fucking asshole. oh yeah, probably the second one.

someone call "nanny 911". there's a naughty little celebrity child running around england giving out the finger.

go ahead, brit. scarf down that ice cream. and next time, get a double scoop. it's cool now, you're eating for two, babe. but stay away from the ciggies, okay? and while we're at it, is it a girl bun in your oven or not?

fred durst is shopping around his own reality show. we wonder if he knows that the only people who would watch it are of those of the "stare at a car crash" mentality.

jay mccarroll update: he's pissing off the press, badmouthing other designers and getting super drunk. jay's clearly destined for the upper echelons of the fashion world. yay!

thanks to golden fiddle for breaking the news that jessica alba had gotten a hair cut. like chris klein, we never really went for jessica before. this kirsten dunst pixie thing made us so excited we peed a little, though.