Tuesday, April 19, 2005

salma's got jungle fever. jamie's got jungle fever. they've got jungle fever. they're in love. that is if she's gotten over penelope.

breaking news: lindsay lohan's gone blonde!

everyone's getting married!
  • chad and sophia
  • rob and amber
  • jennifer and ben
  • demi and ashton

    britney, now that the world knows you're pregnant, it's really time to lay off the herb. sure it helps with the morning sickness, but your kid's going to need all the help she can get in the brains department with cletus as a father.

    everyone's having babies!
  • nancy kerrigan
  • michelle williams
  • jamelia

    or just getting fat!
  • leonardo dicaprio

    looks like 17-year-old hilary duff is finally making her illegal relationship with 26-year-old joel madden public. hey hil, since you and haylie like to share everything, why don't you hook her up with benji? he's a total stud.

    everyone's getting arrested!
  • chris tucker
  • natasha lyonne (well not quite yet)
  • johnny cash

    keira knightley and her model boyfriend jamie dornan have developed a new sport, synchronized cell phone usage. try it with your mate today!