Friday, April 01, 2005

penelope cruz woke up the other morning and decided that she wanted to merge her career and her personal life. she loved taking on different personas so much that she wanted to do it in her free time as well. on this day, she has decided to become barbarella. considering her boyfriend is from big-hair-loving texas, we're surprised it took penelope this long to tease her tresses. p.s. like a true nerd, this girl loves charades.

page sixsixsix has all the dirt. like melissa rivers dating cris judd (huh, we thought she was with tonya) and ryan philippe moving out of reese witherspoon's house (so sad). he even has pictures of britpoppa's occasional commenter and kevin federline's occasional concubine, vanessa hulihan. nice score, perez! we need more gay friends.

best movie ever (via oh no they didn't)

if paris and nicole decide to give up "the simple life", lizzie and jonathan might just be the next best thing. (omg, you guys, riding the bus is so funny! btw, love that clarendon top. could you comp me a few?)

everyone knows paris hilton looks hungry - there's hardly an ounce of fat on that rail-thin body. but who knew she was this hungry. she's about to eat her new chihuahua, bambi. now we know where tinkerbell went...

to quote stephanie tanner (or was it dj?), "whoa baby!" it seems there's another celebrity couple with a child on the way. and it's one of the last we would have suspected. heath ledger, who broke up with naomi watts last year because he wasn't ready to settle down, has knocked up our favorite dawson's creeker, michelle williams. interesting, we were sure heath was jake fake.

just when you thought jessica simpson couldn't get any more stupid...

mariah carey recently admitted that she sometimes wished she would be kidnapped so that she could escape her ex-husband, tommy mottola. unfortunately, for mariah, no kidnapper could endure her grating personality.

samaire armstrong was, for a time, the best part of "the oc". unlike lindsay or zack, anna seemed an organic addition to the core group of friends on the show. plus, it didn't hurt that she was cute as hell. so we have to say, we're a little stoked for just my luck, even though it's sure to be more of a drama queen than a mean girls. still, what was the stylist on this movie thinking? did they dye samaire's hair with kool aid or what? so retro.