Friday, April 15, 2005

kate moss, while normally the epitome of model-y style, is inexplicably rockin out in these skin tight white jeans and keds. we are dumbfounded.

forget "revelations", the next "surreal life" will be the greatest story ever told.

gwyneth paltrow may look perfect, but she has problems too. ever since she gave birth to her little apple, she's had trouble remembering her lines. good thing there's no dialogue involved in modeling jewelry.

it's the final count down - until the wedding singer is comes to broadway. mark your calendars for april 2006. this is sure to be one to remember.

jessica simpson, who five days earlier looked nicole richie skinny, was back to her hippy, hourglass look of the late '90s the other night. guess she never read any of those articles on how to dress 10 pounds lighter.

garden gnomes are having the best week ever.

cameron diaz? more like cameron diva. though her new mtv show, "trippin'" makes her look like the definition of a no-fuss free spirit, it takes a lot of work to look so care-free. she's charged the network for her hair extensions and acne treatments. like she can't afford it.

nic cage's wife is sure going for that stereotypical submissive asian wife thing, isn't she? well, we can't really blame her since it got her out of that job as a sushi waitress. we'd do far more drastic things to get out of our 9 to 5.

did jude law and sienna miller secretly get married? nope, probably not.

if "power girls" had you at all swayed into believing that lizzie grubman is just a nice girl, this will change your mind. that is, if you forgot about that whole running people down in the hamptons incident.

britney spears swoons over kevin federline's first fashion magazine cover, despite the fact that that l'uomo vogue photoshoot boasts one of the most heinous uses of cornrows ever. this couple is quite the contradiction, while they can afford a new home in las vegas (to be closer to vanessa?) and an infiniti, they just can't scrounge up enough change for some ice cream.