Thursday, April 21, 2005

in honor of star magazine's 83rd beach bodies issue, here's a beach body we wouldn't mind having: natalie portman's.

there's just too much news and too much work so here's the run down:
  • scarlett johansson is stealing josh hartnett away from katie holmes. please lord, let there be a catfight.
  • katherine moennig has just as much game in real life as she does on "the l word". no surprise though, she is gwyneth's cousin.
  • spring is in the air: paris hilton's feeling maternal. she should probably just buy another chihuahua.
  • justin timberlake is clearly batshit insane.
  • life imitates art: keanu reeves is doing diane keaton.
  • also pregnant: benjamin bratt's wife, talisa soto. not that anyone gives a rat's ass about benjamin bratt.

    gwen stefani models a hoodie with the lyrics form her new hit, "hollaback girl". what's really bananas is that rastafarian hat she has on.

    and back to the dish:
  • the hanson clan expands again. looks like 22-year-old taylor's as potent as k. feds's.
  • lindsay's boobs are the only thing enhanced on her body, she loves her new collagen lips.
  • liz hurley's son will definitely get beat up.
  • hmm, maybe britney and lynne aren't as close as they seem. why else would she be getting pregnancy advice from madonna instead of mom?
  • why not ruin tonight's episode of "the oc" a little?
  • why can't these two billionaires get back together? it's so sad.

    lindsay's a blonde. doesn't she look awful? this is no way to win back wilmer, girl.