Monday, April 11, 2005

if jake gyllenhaal really is toothy tile as everyone has been suspecting, then we think there are some boys out there who'll be mighty happy to see just how big he can open up his mouth. does anyone know what he's eating? it looks strange to us. whatever it is, it's on the menu at urth cafe (one of ex-girlfriend kirtsen dunst's favorite brunch stops).

well cutting back on the chaw sure didn't help chris of "the apprentice" to cut back on the hostility. the 22-year-old "millionaire" was arrested on saturday at a florida indian reservation casino. he's hoping that the donald feels that any publicity's good publicity. and from the looks of those dominos commercials, it seems he does. speaking of the donald, his miss usa pageant is on tonight with raj as a judge. love it.

lizzy jagger may pose for playboy. and daddy mick's none too pleased about the idea. we'd definitely visit fleshbot for those pics, though.

things are looking bad for britney and kevin. the dumpy duo have hauled ass to hawaii in an attempt to save their ailing marriage. they should just go on dr. phil and get it over with. but seriously, we're rooting for ya'll. you're britpoppa's favorite impromptu marriage of 2004.

hayden christensen = total fag?

christina ricci has the lamest celebrity ride we've ever seen. even our mom's 13-year-old camry is sleeker than this boring ford sedan. goldberg, take your girl to a mercedes dealership, stat!

stay away from pete doherty, missy elliott. allegedly he's a one minute man (via a socialite's life). oh, and he puts kevin federline to shame in the stink factor. now we finally understand the appeal.

ashton kutcher: what a sweetheart. we can almost forgive him for pretty much singlehandedly bringing back the trucker cap. nope, nevermind, nothing excuses that.

there go our hopes of ever living the lush life in a manhattan co-op. guess barney's co-op will have to do.

tobey maguire's got a long way to go before he's ready to film spiderman 3. dude - seen here leaving the la u2 concert - needs to switch to light beer and stay away from the reefer if he's going to curb those munchies.