Thursday, March 24, 2005

work is just too boring, so we're back (in a less exhaustive form). basically we got sick of feeling the need to post about celebrities that normally wouldn't even be a blip on our radar. we would all be fine if sandra oh, denise richards and melissa joan hart fell off the face of the earth. from now on we're basically sticking to the young, troubled and beautiful (because while skipping over page six was refreshing for the first couple of days, it left us feeling kind of empty after a while). expect more revamps and hopefully quirkier coverage in the coming weeks. until then, enjoy!

let's ignore the fact that matthew mcconaughey looks stoned in this picture. he always looks stoned and he probably always actually is stoned. no, what we're interested in is the light fixture attached to his head. perhaps matt is more self-aware than we gave him credit for. after becoming the certified "next big thing" back around 1997, his career has been less than enviable. the upcoming sahara with gal pal, penelope cruz is by no means an exception. so we think that matthew has accepted the fact that he is now on the a minus list by deciding to eschew acting for a more practical (though no more stable) career as a miner. either that or he's preparing for a role as a miner in his next "hit" film. anything is a step up from reign of fire.

we are so stoked. it seems two of our favorite hollywood couples (for vastly different reasons) may be getting back together. well actually, one of them may never have split up to begin with.
  • according to in touch, jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst have actually been together over the past few months. they merely faked their break-up back in july to get a little privacy. excellent. we were so sad when we thought they were over.
  • meanwhile, lindsay lohan appears to be getting cozy with wilmer valderrama again. okay, someone has their facts wrong here because while people says that the ex loves did some chatting at last week's snl after-party, just they other day, page six said lindsay specifically avoided the after-party when she heard wilmer would be there. were any of you there? did lindsay attend said party or skip it? we need the dirt, people. we just think the world is a better place when 25-year-old latino character actors are dating 18-year-old bombshells from long island. if you find yourself in either of those categories, please match yourself up with the corresponding opposite asap!

    we've said it before and we'll say it time and time again - the british press is so retarded. i guess kelly brook wasn't out in a cleavage-baring dress last night, so they had to rush this extremely news-worthy item instead. i mean wtf?

    the caption for this great picture of tobey "grizzly adams" maguire has him attending a meeting of the lion's club. what's up with these men's clubs anyway? according to the boy, the freemasons basically own america and part of the reason we wanted to try and transfer to yale was to find out more about the skull and bones society. unfortunately, the lions club is far less interesting. we should have suspected as much - they're responsible for the eyeglass recycling bin at the library for chrissake. guess tobey's only mysterious in the movies.