Wednesday, March 30, 2005

why is it so fulfilling to watch a celebrity eating? we don't know, but we're really getting a kick out of seeing gwen stefani eat a burrito.

us weekly is reporting that guy ritchie is frustrated with his wife madonna's need to be in charge. he really should have known going into that marriage that he would not be the one wearing the trousers.

speaking of kabbalah enthusiasts, look who's joined the red string club.

kevin federline sure isn't acting like a father-to-be. he's been spotted out with vegas "vip escort" vanessa hulihan again. the back-up dancer and britpoppa commenter spent the weekend hitting the hot clubs and getting frisky. according to one eye-witness, vanessa sat on kevin's lap while he caressed her inner thighs. at one point, k. fed loudly exclaimed that he didn't want to have a baby with britney and that, should they ever divorce, he wants to move to vegas. someone better watch out if they want to stay on the spears payroll.

how does a dude as butt-ugly as jack osbourne score such a hot chick? if her balenciaga bag is any indication, she's not in it for the cash. so that leads us to jack's t-shirt: she must be a drunk slut.

courtney love will deep throat something other than a bottle of pills soon. she is going to have the lead role in a biopic about legendary porn star, linda lovelace.

who would have guessed? naomi campbell has beaten another assistant out of a job. someone should really get this woman on zoloft.

mary-kate olsen has more than she bargained for with her adorable chocolate lab puppy, luca. according to in touch, the little rascal has been peeing all over her soho loft. in true millionairess style, m-k got someone else to deal with the problem and hired a trainer to potty train her pup.

hey gwyneth, you're a trim gal and all, but i don't think those shoes are quite your size. ms. paltrow shops for apple at babystyle in santa monica (the same store where britney's pregnancy speculation began all those months ago).