Thursday, March 03, 2005

there are only a few women that get britpoppa's pulse racing and one of them is shane from "the l word". nothing makes us want to go lesbian like this androgynous babe, played by katherine moennig. the way she struts is out of this world. we wish her roving eye would rove over this way. on this week's episode, she hooked up with a techie who was working on a music video. now normally we can't take our eyes off shane, but the band in the video was amazing. they're a canadian group called the organ. picture a female interpol. we didn't think that would be appealing either, but they totally are - and much more emotional than their male counterparts (naturally). equal parts sleater kinney, joy division and early cure, the organ makes us want to cut off all our hair, throw on some black eyeliner and dance the night away. awesome.

the organ - brother
the organ - sinking hearts