Thursday, March 17, 2005

save this image - you're unlikely to see it ever again. kate bosworth eats! and not a salad, an omelet! with ketchup! maybe she doesn't need to read this star article after all.

speaking of skinny birds, kylie minogue has had a nearly $10,000 corset commissioned for her upcoming tour. the tummy-trimmer will bring her already tiny waist down to only 16 inches.

milla jovovich won't let just anyone wear her line of jovovich-hawk clothing. she is planning on opening a greenwich village boutique soon, but it's by appointment only. sorry ladies.

the grannies are having babies. comedian molly shannon and actress edie falco are both new moms. molly had her son, nolan on tuesday and edie adopted her son in december. both women are in their early forties.

nicole kidman steps out with infamous bad boy, steve bing. stay away from him, nic! he's no good for you (or anyone for that matter).

quote of the day - snoop dogg: "I'm trying to become the black Tom Cruise. He just tells the motherf**ker what he wants and they get it done." amen, brother.

rudy huxtable is a grown up and maxim has the pictures to prove it. we think they're hot enough to provoke her tv dad to slip her some roofies (via pink is the new blog).

acting skills aside (those aren't important in hollywood anyway, right?) why is matt damon famous? he looks like any other post-college frat boy type. they might as well cast this guy in the next bourne identity flick.

the creepy crawlies in constantine may not have been special effects. crew members claim that the set they worked on was haunted. spooky.

oh it's so hard being j. lo. we really feel for you girl. no seriously, we feel so sorry for you. it must suck never having to buy tootie fruities instead of froot loops.

we have to admit it, anna kournikova is luscious. look at those lips. aside from the fact that he has to deal with how much he sucks, enrique iglesias is a lucky man.

britney on broadway? miss spears has her sights set on playing a part in the musical, wicked. but would she be glinda or elphaba? since hilary duff is also up for the part, we're thinking glinda. we hope britney snags the role. remember, that play was "really life changing" for her. but she probably won't be able to do it if she's pregnant.

got a fat fetish? then mr. spock has a book for you. leonard nimoy is about to publish a book of hefty hotties in erotic poses.

it seems like lindsay lohan's new flick, just my luck is trying to establish itself as "sex and the city: the next generation". lindsay is carrie/miranda, samaire armstrong is samantha and that other chick is charlotte. also on the "sex and the city" imitation band wagon are destiny's child. they plan to spoof the show in their new video.