Friday, March 25, 2005

remember the days when a picture of britney spears in a bikini tossing her hair was super hot? here's definitive proof that those days are over. and if that's not enough for you, britbrit is planning on taking a summer job as a waitress. can't wait to see all those mother chuckers lining up at jj chill's for a britney blizzard.

paula abdul: insane in the membrane
penelope cruz: dumb as dirt
david beckham: scary as hell
sandra bullock and sister: butt buddies
ashton and bruce: underpants pals

it looks like the tabs weren't satisfied with merely speculating pregnancies for reese, britney, j.garn, j.lo and demi - apparently kate hudson is now knocked up as well.

don't let her demure appearance as joey potter fool you, katie holmes is a bitch and a slut (not that we have anything against bitches or sluts, some of our best friends are both). just weeks after announcing her split from fiance, chris klein, katie's been spotted in the arms of fellow midwesterner, josh hartnett. perhaps a high-profile hook-up would do both their ailing careers some good (via oh no they didn't).

is paris stepping out on paris? though at first glance, this picture makes it seem as though miss hilton's arms have gotten awfully bulky and tattooed in the last couple of days, that hand on her leg actually belongs to dave navarro (whose head is visible in the corner). let's hope carmen electra learns a thing or two from paula abdul and starts a cat fight over this thigh-grazing incident. that would be, to quote ph, hot.