Wednesday, March 02, 2005

rachel ray shows a little leg for the paparazzi. we hear she'll blow your mind for only $40 a day. more pictures of the food slut here.

sienna miller and jude law are attempting to live the life of "green acres". they wish to escape the london spotlight by moving to the country. we just can't picture cosmopolitan sienna on the farm.

kevin smith has a new golden boy: zach braff. the director hinted that braff is up for the role of fletch in fletch won. braff as a modern day chevy chase? we can see that (via golden fiddle).

brad pitt and jennifer aniston have been spied swapping spit. can't they just stop toying with our emotions for chrissake?

keira knightley shops in her de rigeur seguin bolero. do you have one yet? if not, you're the only one.

the gap's been digging on joss stone. and it seems like she's digging on them too. they've enlisted her as a model for their upcoming fall campaign.

christina aguilera on celebrity fashion lines: "i just think it is so tacky. i have always thought that it's one of those things that just makes people look like they don't know what to do any more." we couldn't have put it better ourself.

julia roberts loves her new children, it's her other new babies that are bothering her. she complained to reporters at the oscars about how much her breasts have grown since giving birth. when asked about her choice of gown, she said, "it's the only dress brave enough to hold in my breast line."

kate beckinsale enjoys a cigarette while shopping with her young daughter. doesn't she know that parents are the anti-drug?

now we know why flaming al reynolds married star jones - he must have mistaken her for a drag queen.

cameron diaz is sick of her boyfriend, justin timberlake doing very bad things. her particular concern? the popstar continues calling and consoling his poptart ex, britney spears.

scarlett johansson had better watch out. her boyfriend, jared leto seems like a bit of a cad. while being interviewed by the swan's sexy host amanda byram, he nearly humped her leg.

"i'll call you pen. peace!" tom cruise gives penelope cruz a soul shake before driving off on his chopper. get the scoop on other exes hanging out at the oscars here.