Tuesday, March 15, 2005

oh no, it's the unalohan! she and bruce willis must have used this disguise in order to frighten page six into taking back their story about the grope fest. page six are a bunch of cowards.

the piano man is back in rehab. billy joel's rep has confirmed that he is currently receiving treatment for alcoholism. it seems like he's been dealing with this issue for the longest time, doesn't it?

no surprise here: david beckham said that his wife, victoria is losing weight quickly after giving birth to their third son cruz. it's probably pretty easy to lose weight when you don't eat.

alicia, you're a lovely girl and all, but stay away from the peak-a-boo clothes from now on. you've definitely hit a sour note with this ensemble.

nicole kidman just can't resist the bad boys. she spent the weekend with her on-again/off-again boyfriend steve bing. earth to nicole - steve's relationship with elizabeth hurley ended with a paternity test. don't let that happen to you.

imdb news:
  • michael mann is realistic about the likelihood of trouble on the set of the miami vice movie with colin farrell and jamie foxx - he's budgeted for bail bondsmen.
  • salma hayek will be playing the role of a chubby lesbian serial killer. she must have her eyes on oscar.
  • scarlett johansson may be the babe in the next indiana jones flick. guess harrison likes em real young.

    adam brody needs to give it up. camouflage only works in the woods. we all know you're dating rachel bilson, so just hold her hand instead of making her walk five steps behind. as the beatles would likely have told you, you're gonna lose that girl.

    "degrassi: tng" fans - cassie steele (aka manny) isn't just a bad girl on tv. she's pretty naughty in real life too. read an article about her liquoring up minors here (via oh no they didn't).

    it seems mary-kate olsen is a bit of a cheapskate. when she took her new puppy to the vet, she demanded that the visit be free as she had an old coupon from her ex-boyfriend, david katzenberg. you'd think with her checking account, she could afford to spread the wealth.

    tara reid takes a break from protecting her image to hang out with a monkey. if she's got a monkey, she must be demure. everyone knows monkeys hate sluts, right?

    remind us to boycott "one tree hill" (not that we watch it anyway). the show's dreamy male stars, chad michael murray and tyler hilton have been blowing up mice. yup, sounds like chad's definitely mature enough for marriage.

    madonna's next album will feature a song called "i love new york". madge, if you love it so much, why don't you come home? we miss you here in america. london doesn't need you as much as we do.

    apple martin travels in style. she uses two of the world's biggest stars as her method of transportation. what a lucky little gal.