Monday, March 14, 2005

lindsay lohan looks like she would fit in quite well with patsy and eddy, doesn't she? with her fur coat, gaudy chanel bag and huge designer sunglasses, she's certainly absolutely fabulous.

celebrity injury updates: christina applegate has had to pull out of the boston run of her musical, sweet charity after breaking her foot during a chicago performance. prince william took a nasty spill from his horse during a polo match. though he emerged unharmed, the picture looks pretty painful.

i see london, i see france, i see sheryl crow's tatties. those paparazzi are sure mean aren't they?

napoleon dynamite's jon heder is not afraid of being pigeon-holed. he's signed up for a bunch more quirky nerd roles. it's good that he's realistic - given his mug, he's unlikely to be playing the lead in any romantic comedies soon.

as if you cared, rod stewart is engaged to his girlfriend penny lancaster after proposing to her at the top of the eiffel tower. the only interesting part is that he's still technically married to rachel hunter.

a knock on the head doesn't keep cameron from carrying her camera around. the 19 stitches she received when she fell from a chest of drawers do nothing to deter her from her mission to halt the paparazzi.

your favorite cartoon pop group is returning with their second album on may 24. not the archies or josie and the pussycats, but the far hipper gorillaz. dennis hopper will be doing a spoken word piece. should be interesting.

message to pete doherty: stop talking to the press. are you a junky and retarded?

britney spears has learned her lesson. she will no longer be revealing details of her personal life in interviews. but that's okay, she's sure to reveal plenty on her website on on the streets.

penelope cruz loads up a forkful of food just to make us all feel better about ourselves. how nice of her.

adrien brody to keira knightley: why don't we get drunk and screw?

another one bites the dust. actress sandra oh and her director husband, alexander payne have announced that they are separating. guess the relationship of the sideways team didn't get better with age.

gwyneth paltrow is eschewing any jealousy she may still hold by helping her former beau, brad pitt, reconcile with jennifer aniston. she's advised him to move back into their beverly hills home on a trial basis. yoga really helps bring out the best in people, doesn't it?

heidi klum looks as though she's got a bun in the oven. and star magazine confirms our suspicion. here's some more celebrity pregnancy news: pete sampras and his billy madison star wife, bridgette wilson are expecting their second child; former vanity fair it girl, gretchen mol is pregnant with her first child; and the donald's third wife, melania may soon be popping one out.

katie holmes and chris klein sure aren't acting like they've broken up. a defamer reader spotted them kissing passionately on the street. hmmm...

hilary swank has gone sour grapes over a little bit of fruit. she is contesting a $150 fine for bringing an apple and orange into new zealand and probably spending way more than $150 in the process.

scary movie 4? there isn't even a scream 4. someone needs to stop those wayans brothers. or at least convince them to do white chicks 2 first. get your priorities straight, bros.

mary-kate olsen has gotten a super sweet puppety to keep her company. never one to follow trends, m-k chooses a chocolate lab instead of a pocket-sized lap dog.