Thursday, March 10, 2005

lindsay lohan and bruce willis make quite a disgusting couple. good thing they're just posing for the camera at the premiere of his new film, hostage. no wait, they're groping each other. ewww!

julia stiles is a sore loser. she lost the lead in a film version of sylvia plath's novel, the bell jar and now she's suing her production partners over it. those ivy league actresses, nothing is ever good enough for them.

either kate moss is engaged or she's playing a mean trick on the gossip mongers. she's been spotted wearing a ring on her left hand, which many suspect may be from her on-again off-again druggie boyfriend, pete doherty.

one of madonna's former employees is suing her and maverick for wrongful termination and sexual harassment. madge must have gotten a little too close to the woman with her cone bra.

leonardo dicaprio hasn't looked this cold since his skin turned blue while treading water in the altantic for titanic. someone could use a ski mask.

christina milian is terrified of working out because she doesn't want to lose her booty. sounds like this is a job for gillian and teigh.

has britney spears been visited by the green-eyed monster? sources say that she's extremely jealous of all the attention that her husband, kevin federline has been receiving lately, even lashing out at clerks that she suspects of flirting with her man. britney, what's the big fuss? the dude stinks, literally.

gael garcia bernal is one fine mother chucker. we'd definitely tap that ass. and that's pretty much all there is to say.

hooking up with 15-year-olds and feeling up his daughter? marlon brando was a perv.

carmen electra has a agreed to voice the character of an alien sex slave for an animated show on mtv. that sounds about right.

sure, they're pretentious as hell (at least courtney is), but we're still stoked that the dandy warhols have a new cd planned for this summer. the dandys rule, ok?

nick carter understands that the way to get over a gruesome hangover spent in a jail cell is with some greasy carl's jr.