Friday, March 04, 2005

jessica simpson must be watching a lot of "saved by the bell: the college years". what else could explain the fact that she is channeling kelly kapowski circa 1994 with the long flowered dress and boots? girl, that look is beyond tired.

you can put away those t-shirts, martha's free now. and she's got the poncho to prove it.

paris lastis must be a hell of a lot better in bed than rick salomon. he made paris hilton moan so loudly while they were having sex that the hotel in which they were staying had to ask them to keep it down.

david duchovny and gillian anderson are set to star in a movie version of "the x files". i guess everyone forgot they already did that.

kate moss gets around. she's found a new rocker's heart to play with, sam endicott of the bravery. expect their album sales to skyrocket.

christina aguilera doesn't have any plans to be the "bigger woman" and invite britney spears to her wedding. she will be inviting justin timberlake, though. we can't blame her, britney would probably buy the cheapest thing on the registry.

jessica alba proves that she is, in fact, the kind of girl that every guy wants.

did janet jackson have another secret wedding? a filmmaker referred to her boyfriend, jermaine dupri, as a "married man" in a documentary that he shot. curious...

if you ever want to have a kirsten dunst encounter, try stopping by la's urth cafe for brunch. like in this picture, she's always there. they must do something magical with their omelets.

david and victoria beckham have proven that they have no idea what children want. for his birthday, they bought their 6-year-old son diamond earrings that cost nearly $50 k. he probably would have preferred a big wheel.

so the catwoman in the hat and tomb spider aren't real movies, they still make great posters (via defamer).

avril fool's! last year avril lavigne told her mom she was pregnant. lucky for her sum 41 boyfriend, deryck whibley, it was an april fool's joke.

gwyneth paltrow is serious when it comes to her privacy. she's having prospective buyers of her manhattan home sign non-disclosure agreements. jude law and sienna miller are rumored to be interested in the place.

sheen and richards update: charlie may have participated in a party with hookers, but chances are 50-50 that they'll get back together.

imdb news:
  • antonio banderas was the reason that gael garcia bernal skipped the oscars. he was angry that antonio was chosen to sing the song from his movie, the motorcycle diaries, instead of the song's creator, jorge drexler. we skipped the oscars because of antonio's wife, melanie griffith's dress.
  • jennifer aniston IS NOT a lesbian.

    britney, close your mouth. and throw away that tube of lipstick. you shouldn't be buying your makeup at walgreens anyway.