Tuesday, March 01, 2005

if you don't know, britpoppa's taken on a second blogosphere job, working at the bosh. this has made us very busy and unable to give britpoppa the attention it deserves. it is for reasons such as this that we will be posting previously published material for today's hart. forgive us. sometimes it's hard to be a woman, giving all your love to just one blog. without further ado, britpoppa's best and worst dressed of the academy awards.

britpoppa's top 5 best dressed
5. Natalie Portman - looked stunning in a grey, Grecian Lanvin. She would have made it further up the list had the color been more flattering.
4. Kirsten Dunst - did right eschewing her current bag lady look for a classy, lace Chanel.
3. Oprah Winfrey - Oprah's out to prove herself as a true glamorous diva after slimming down to a size ten. She looked fabulous in a gold Vera Wang.
2. Catalina Sandino Moreno - though most viewers probably had no clue who Catalina was when the show began, the Best Actress nominee got well-deserved attention with her bejeweled backless Roberto Cavali gown. Que bonita!
1. Maggie Gyllenhaal - she has made many missteps when it comes to the red carpet, but she blew everyone else out of the water in her beige Prada dress with a sequined belt and simple jewels. The gown was modern and lovely, making Maggie a fashion icon.

britpoppas's top 5 worst dressed
5. Johnny Depp - you can't expect much from an expatriate with a "don't give a f**k" attitude. Still, that blue suit is hideous.
4. Beyonce Knowles - there was nothing wrong with the dress that Beyonce wore while performing "Learn to be Lonely" from the Phantom of the Opera. It was actually quite lovely. The bad part was her bling; it was way over the top.
3. While many declared Cate Blanchett to be one of the night's best dressed in her Valentino Couture, she looked washed out in the yellow shade, which clashed terribly with the burgundy sash.
2. Scarlett Johansson looked as if she stuck her fingers in the toaster, arriving with the frizziest mop top that Oscar has seen in years. Her Roland Mouret gown, though beautiful, looked uncomfortable and paper stiff.
1. Oh Melanie Griffith. What were you thinking? There are no words.