Monday, March 28, 2005

hmm, maybe jessica simpson and britney spears should tell scarlett johansson about the wonders of proactiv. or could it be that scar's gone zitty for her man? jared leto was acne-prone cameron diaz's long-term flame - maybe he has a blemish fetish.

we know you have steamy dreams about what it must have been like to deflower seth cohen. we know you want to have a million of adam brody's babies. we know you have a voodoo doll with rachel bilson's picture glued on. no wait, that's us. still, in case you're at all curious, here's what his high school girlfriend has to say about dating him (via oh no they didn't).

here's proof that becoming world famous at the age of thirteen really does stunt your growth: kimora lee simmons reportedly licked all of the donuts that were delivered to her old show, "life & style" in order to make sure no one else would eat them.

brad pitt tries to cope with the fact that jennifer aniston has filed for divorce by possibly signing on for the "dallas" movie. at least it sounds like a rebound decision to us. even with catherine zeta-jones.

has madonna gone back to her catholic roots for easter? nah, she and guy ritchie are just attending a kabbalah costume party. next time, she'll be the red string bracelet and he'll be a pocket zohar.

cover girl? more like girl on girl. the new york daily news claims they're clearing up the rumors that "antm" eva pigford is gettin' her freak on with missy elliott, but really just spreads the rumor our way. now we're really rethinking girl's relationship with ann.

aaron carter and lindsay lohan should really get back together. they have so much in common. they've both had some car trouble (her in the wacky new herbie movie and him with that little explosion a few weeks back). they both have some embarrassing adolescent moments in the spotlight (his, hers). and now they both have parents publicly alleging that they're drug addicts. plus, if her exploits this past week are any indication, she has no problem hooking up with exes.

cameron, no one likes to go "trippin'" with a grumpy pants. ms. diaz flips her signature bird while waiting for her musical manchild outside the waldorf astoria. her new show premieres on mtv tonight. we'd give you the link but the mtv website is mia.

umm, weirdest movie ever. but really, what do you expect from the man who claimed that oscar wilde was an alien?

speaking of velvet goldmine, christian bale's wife had a baby girl last night. we didn't even know he was married. time to begrudgingly cross another one off the list.

andy roddick: really resourceful.

will someone please tell us how anyone can look this skinny just five weeks after giving birth? never mind, we've figured it out - victoria beckham was never pregnant to begin with. did anyone actually ever see a bump? we think cruz must have been adopted.