Wednesday, March 30, 2005

here are the answers to the celebrity baby name game, presented by coco cox-arquette. score yourself and see how you did.

1. p
2. s
3. i
4. f
5. c
6. u
7. l
8. g
9. o
10. d
11. q
12. h
13. a
14. m
15. n
16. b
17. k
18. w
19. t
20. e
21. x
22. v
23. r
24. j
25. y

25-17: false tabloid - either you've been reading star magazine since you were in the womb or you did a little research on this one. either way, those celebrities better keep their babies away from you if they don't want a lindbergh situation on their hands.

16-9: "access hollywood" watcher - you keep up with the celebrity baby names, but only when they're new. you don't care what some crusty old fogy like farrah fawcett named her kid. you leave that kind of stuff to the weekend "et" viewers.

8-0: clueless - why are you even reading britpoppa?