Friday, March 18, 2005

demi and ashton are so close, they even share their clothes. we wonder if rumer is knitting up an identical scarf for her new bro or sis.

paula abdul is a cold-hearted snake. she was allegedly the driver in a hit and run accident last december. paula, hit and runs are bad news. remember what happened to andrea zuckerman?

we love girls with freckles. why do they have to cover them up? can anyone explain this to us? here are some freckled hotties: rachel bilson, lucy liu and lindsay lohan.

michael jackson loves bart. yes, in that way. no wonder he always aired his new videos after "the simpsons". i heard he has his eyes on the little green sprout now.

p. diddy is expanding his empire to include a line of "pimped-up" cars. you can buy one on july 1st if you have $85 gs burning a hole in your pocket. up next: sean john tp.

from the looks of it, it won't be long until gwyneth paltrow suffocates little apple in an attempt to save her from the brutality of the paparazzi. that would be ironic, huh?

jennifer and vince, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. miss aniston is rumored to have a crush on her co-star in the upcoming movie, the break-up, vince vaughn. can you blame her? pudginess aside, he is still kind of money.

it's official. heidi klum will be giving birth to a seal cub in about seven months. duh. i mean, we so called this on monday.

kevin federline: the l'uomo vogue shoot. what to say. at least it's true to life.

now that his feud with the game is over, 50 cent has a new brother on his hit list. samuel jackson refused to be in 50's movie because he hasn't proven himself as an actor. watch your back, sam. dude's been shot 9 times, i don't think you want to mess with him.

if mischa barton and brandon davis weren't so unquestionably irritating, we might almost think they looked sweet here, swimming in santa barbara. luckily they are unquestionably irritating. get a room, you guys.

"baywatch" and credibility. now most people would find the combination to be a bit of an oxymoron. but the impossible may happen as steven spielberg is interested in doing a movie version of the show best known for its T&A. perhaps he'll take a page from his own book and film the movie in black and white, except for the red swimsuits.

this is bad news for all those little girls who wanted to wear assless chaps and ringlets on the first day of school next year. christina aguilera has been dropped by the clothing company that planned to do her line. they were upset over her comment that celebrity clothing lines are "tacky".

chloe sevigny: "i just hate when girls have sex with their bras on in movies." we do too, babe. maybe we can forgive you for all those heinous outfits you've worn over the years. come over to our place this weekend. we can start a petition against bra sex in movies.

well it seems the eagles were right, hell has frozen over. i mean, what else could explain the fact that kelly osbourne actually looks kind of hot here. maybe the picture on her new album cover actually is her and not gaby hoffman (via pink is the new blog).

lil kim, big lies. the oft-scantily clad rapper has been convicted of perjury and faces up to 20 years in jail. we hope to see her in a poncho after she's released.

mario vasquez: totally starstruck. jessica and ashlee simpson: mega bitches. you'd think ashlee would be down for getting wilmer jealous with his look-a-like. also bitchy: paris hilton.

mariah carey claims she was a virgin when she married tommy mottola. right and the cover of her new cd isn't airbrushed either.

hey gwen. look, babies are fun. now go and get knocked up before that husband of yours finds someone else who will.