Monday, March 28, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey britpoppa's been bad - we've been letting 2001's gossip hide away in 2001 where it belongs. but now we're being very bad - we're emptying all of that dirty laundry from the hamper and airing it out for your pleasure.

four years ago, the water coolers were buzzing with the news that:
  • steven soderbergh claimed that he could teach anyone with a brain how to direct a film in an hour. unfortunately, his plan to create a seminar on that very subject failed to come to fruition as no one with a brain actually wants to direct.
  • julia roberts's old dentist had given away hundreds of tubes of toothpaste. he had promised to give out the paste should any of his former patients win a big award. though julia took home her oscar the previous sunday, she failed to mention her dentist in the acceptance speech.
  • hugh jackman was using his experience filming the romantic comedy someone like you to do something he'd always dreamed of - go home with a woman. the actor claimed that when he was dating, he'd always bring women back to his place. at least the movie made that fantasy come to life - it certainly did nothing for his career.

    on march 28, 2001:
  • julia stiles reached her second decade.
  • vince vaughn turned 30 + 1.
  • brett ratner turned 32.
  • reba mcentire turned 46.
  • dianne wiest turned 53.
  • mike newell turned 59.
  • maeve binchy turned 61.