Monday, March 07, 2005

britney spears took los angeles by storm this past weekend by doing a public breast self-exam, making her most evil smiley face and congratulating herself on her wifely accomplishments.

why is pink suddenly on the gossip radar again? she apparently broke up with her fiance (we didn't know they were engaged) corey hart after a fight in a taxi. let's hope she's not actually pregnant or else she'll be a single mama.

seems like "strange love" just isn't meant to be. brigitte nielsen broke flavor flav's heart this weekend by marrying her fiance, mattia dessi. vh1 must be furious that she just blew the ending of their reality show.

christina milian had better watch where she dips it. her sexy dance moves and saucy lyrics have won her a truckload of convict fans.

ben affleck attempts to hide himself from the other patrons on a trip to starbucks. it's not working - no other paparazzi pet would sport such a heinous beard.

though we knew jay mccarroll was a star when we saw the first episode of "project runway", he's now made that status official. he has an impersonator who's been getting into parties using his name and look.

wait, why is drea di matteo's boyfriend putting up with this crap? he should learn a thing or two from her tv boyfriend, christopher and have her whacked.

kelly osbourne's a liar. she announced that she would be playing the role of tracy turnblad in the broadway musical, hairspray, but the show's composer says she hasn't even auditioned. guess in addition to her big ass, she also has a big mouth.

josh hartnett is escorted downtown for indecent exposure. we wish, no big scoops here. the towel look is for a movie he's shooting.

kylie minogue must wish that the public could get her out of their head. she's just bought an australian island hideaway that is so remote there is only one store on it. but there are 3,000 koalas.

a defamer movie? sign us up.

someone needs to chain those hiltons to their cell phones. just after private information was leaked from paris's sidekick, her sister nicky lost her phone at the vanity fair oscar party. dumbasses.

hilary duff and her new boyfriend shove their relationship in joel madden's face. we didn't know hilary had jungle fever.

will smith thinks that, if he wanted to, he could become president of the united states. someone should tell michael moore to switch his candidate.

anna wintour got her just desserts last friday when a anti-fur activist threw a pie in her face as she was entering the chanel fall 2005 show in paris. or was it foie gras?

we knew shannen doherty was low, but we never knew she was a gold digger. she gave her phone number to the co-founder of microsoft the other night after first requesting that he trade her for some microsoft stock.

drew barrymore is stunned by the fact that she does indeed have a left hand. calm down drew - it's normal to have two of them.