Friday, March 25, 2005

bravo: you did surprisingly well in the match the t-shirt to the celebrity game. we knew you'd all get britney - i mean, duh! but stephen dorff proved more challenging. many of you thought he was kevin federline. congratulations, rob, for fingering (figuratively, thank god) the dorffmeister. we are quite impressed. some livejournalers also guessed dorff (and ben affleck). identifying the shirt maker proved more difficult. one of you said juicy couture, but dorff would never wear juicy. many knew where britney purchased hers, kitson. you'd do better to get yours from the creators, though. while "trendyville" - as one of you called kitson - sells the shirt for $28 (and is backordered on them), vintage vantage - the awesome brand that made both shirts - has it for just $18.99. score! fyi: we do not work for vintage vantage and this is not a sales pitch. we just think they're awesome.

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