Tuesday, March 08, 2005

backstreet boy nick carter was behind bars for four hours on saturday after being arrested on suspicion of dui. there's one dui carter is certainly guilty of being: a damn ugly idiot.

it's quentin vs. jason. quentin tarantino, who will write and direct this year's season finale of "csi", is considering doing the same for the friday the 13th franchise. q, we have a suggestion for you - cast mike myers as michael myers. that would be cool.

prince william may be a little light in the loafers. it seems he's a huge fan of "desperate housewives" and won't leave the house if it's on. do they not have tivo in england?

rufus wainwright + alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and shrooms = cher, elton john, tina turner and yoko ono.

is it just us or is ashley olsen looking a little pudgy these days? seems like she's fallen victim to the infamous freshman 15.

shannon elizabeth and her husband of nearly three years, ape man joseph reitman, have decided to separate, but are pulling a brad and jen by still living together. on what planet does that work? p.s. we called this like two months ago.

hollywood makes bad decisions: sequels are being planned for elf and mrs. doubtfire. sofia coppola cast molly shannon in her marie antoinette movie.

jessica simpson and nick lachey couldn't possibly look more mismatched. while she's going for '40s glamour, he's going for the sloppy jock look. maybe jessica should spend more time on her own rumored to be failing marriage than other people's. she recently stopped a sparring couple at a farmer's market in santa monica to recommend that they get over their problems by rubbing lotion on each other. sound advice.

a british designer, whose name has not been released, plans to use mariah carey as a model for his next fashion show. ugh, mariah carey in couture. (vomits)

chris martin feels unloved. the very self-critical coldplay frontman claims, "i haven't met anyone who likes us for two years." oh chris, against our better judgment, we still do. just don't get too bono on us, okay?

it appears as though kate bosworth has taken to chewing her nails since breaking up with orlando bloom. from the looks of her slender frame, her nails are probably the only thing kate chews.

what's that sound? could it be the pitter patter of little feet? an oh no they didn't blogger heard on kiis fm that demi moore may be pregnant with a kutcher. if it's true, she better not watch this week's episode of "that '70s show" or she may have second thoughts.

ben affleck has a jealous streak. he got so uncomfortable watching his girlfriend, jennifer garner do a love scene on her show "alias" with ex-boyfriend michael vartan that he had to leave the room. funny, we heard garner loves watching the video for "jenny from the block".

christina aguilera and her fiance, jordan bratman hit up ralph's for the essentials: bread, roses and tacky stuffed animals.