Thursday, March 03, 2005

ashton kutcher has officially made it. he's rich enough not to care about those atm fees. $1.50? no skin off ashton's nose.

according to page six six six, mary-kate olsen is back in rehab again. she's relapsed with her anorexia and is at the ucla medical center for treatment. guess that means she won't be making it to her internship with celebrity photographer annie leibovitz this week. ashley has a pretty glitzy internship as well, for zac posen. brats. not that we're jealous.

lindsay lohan news: she's lashing out at her dad, she's tried pot (duh), she might be interested in that reality show and she's been getting it on in bathrooms with this dude.

interview with the awesome jay mccarroll of "project runway" here. and see south park renditions of the show's entire cast here.

kristin davis of "sex and the city" loves a man with a sense of humor and a head of white hair. she's dating steve martin.

are paris hilton and nicole richie on the outs? page six's cindy adams says they spent their time at elton john's post-oscar bash actively ignoring each other. can't you bitches get over it and be friends again? please, for the sake of the country.

of course hilary duff, 17, and joel madden, 25, aren't dating. dudes carry wussy dogs in pink furry blankets for their "friends" all the time.

jude law can't take a joke. after being the punchline of chris rock's opening zingers at the academy awards on sunday, he promptly fired his agent. jude, don't take it too seriously. chris rock makes fun of white people. that's his thing.

at first we gave michael jackson the benefit of the doubt, but now we think he should get the electric chair. janet jackson's ex-husband is claiming that michael molested his sweet chimp bubbles. when asked to comment about his relations with bubbles, michael said that he merely gave him milk and cookies and it was "charming".

john voight must be reading the tabloids. voight attempted to have a talk with brad pitt about his alleged affair with his estranged daughter, angelina jolie, at an oscar party. brad, taking cues from jolie, blew voight off.

those footballers can be so mean. david beckham's real madrid teammates have been making fun of his new son's name, cruz. there's a possibility he may have to change it, since the law in spain prohibits giving children names of ambiguous gender.

if you're still wondering what happened to the original bennifer, j. lo provides some insight on a track from her new album. here's a sample, "like a coward, you're leaving, sitting here inside an empty room that was filled with us, only boxes to define what was left of what we used to call love." deep.

kelly osbourne shops for converse and vans sneakers in sydney, australia. guess she doesn't know they sell them over here too. another thing she doesn't know: your dad is not supposed to try and cop a feel.

we've been trying to get those creepy families from "showbiz moms and dads" out of our heads for a year now. we still have nightmares about little shane klingensmith. and while this website sure doesn't help us get over our fears (via page six six six), we're still looking forward to the spin off "showdog moms and dads". p.s. if there's any reason to see be cool, it's to catch cute little jordan moseley as cedric the entertainer's daughter.

see the first pic of stella mccartney's son and paul mccartney's grandson miller here. if we had that little guy to play with, we'd skip our paris runway show too.

jake gyllenhaal's been eatin' good in the neighborhood. read about the indie heartthrob's attempt at a peaceful meal at applebee's. they have awesome batter-dipped fries!

denise richards, who is six months pregnant with her second child, has filed for divorce from her husband of nearly three years, charlie sheen. we thought they were going to be together forever. nothing makes for a lasting marriage like a post-pregnancy playboy shoot.

halle berry auditions for a spot on the next episode of "stars without makeup". at this point, anything is a step up from catwoman.