Friday, February 11, 2005

what is wrong with jennifer aniston and courteney cox-arquette? they're right next to one of the cutest babies on the planet, coco, and they're looking at something else. insane.

could justin timberlake be ready to walk down the aisle with his "senorita", cameron diaz on monday? the tabloids have been tipped that the pair "are going to be in las vegas early next week 'for something'", according to the ny post. maybe they just want to catch a performance of the blue man group.

this just in: lindsay lohan has been to the hospital yet again. she had to have chest and sinus x-rays and is feared to have bronchitis. girl must have caught something pretty nasty from johnny knoxville.

poor nicole kidman. in addition to recovering from her recent boob job, now she has this to deal with. an australian judge has lifted the restraining order that she got against two photographers who followed her in a high-speed car chase and placed a bug in her home. what's next? a contract with bongo jeans?

looks like courtney love won't be stocking up on soap on a rope. she's gotten three years probation instead of a jail sentence for attacking a woman with a bottle.

since we're posting pictures of celebrity babies, here's a shot of colin farrell's little monkey, james. oh my god, we love him!

leonardo dicaprio endured some bashing when he recently went to the supermarket. when a woman ahead of him in line saw his picture on the cover of a magazine, she said to him, "there he is again, that leonardo dicaprio. don't you wish he'd just disappear?" she didn't recognize him in his hat and sunglasses. oops! as if that wasn't bad enough, dicaprio had to get the pool man to come in early when singer, michael buble puked in his pool. eww!

quentin tarantino has definitely lost his edge. last year, despite releasing the excellent kill bill: vol. 2, he insisted on serving as a guest judge on the insipid "american idol". now he is in talks to direct an episode of "csi". quentin, stick to the sexual pop culture banter and gruesome violence. it's your thing, man.

flavor flav proved he doesn't mess around when it comes to the safety of his woman. on wednesday, his gal pal, brigitte nielsen began to hyperventilate in her car. flav immediately jumped out and flagged down an ambulance. as the paramedics tended to nielsen, he signed autographs like a true reality star.

hilary and haylie duff have very wisely decided that they're too young to have kids yet. instead, they ooh'ed and ah'ed over cute pets the other day.

we're really torn up about having to report this one to you. minnie driver will not be performing at the oscars after all. instead, beyonce will sing her song from phantom of the opera in addition to the songs from polar express and les choristes. beyonce is proving her true diva-ness as she asked andrew lloyd webber to adjust the song to meet her standards.

jennifer aniston, it's okay to keep wearing your wedding ring. brad has NOT been hanging around that slutty model, april florio. she's actually been seeing another married man instead. and this other chick he got ice cream with? she's just his assistant.

jc chasez isn't one to get all bent out of shape over relationships gone awry. he's moved on from his ex-girlfriend, eva longoria, and onto fashion designer jessie della femina. the two were apparently making out after the joseph abboud fashion show last friday. femina must not have been too impressed, though. she denies anything happened between them.

arthur miller, the playwright responsible for your favorite hollywood films like the crucible and focus has died of heart failure at 89. it's cool, though. artie lived a full life. he got to bang marilyn monroe for chrissake.

gwyneth paltrow is taking the michael jackson approach to bringing little apple out in public. in fact, i hear her middle name is blanket.

still working on your homemade britney spears and kevin federline wedding album? gawker has some shots you'll definitely want to include. we miss the brown hair, brit. have kev pick up some nice and easy this weekend, okay?

sweet justice. it turns out paris hilton doesn't get everything she wants. she asked to attend oscar de la renta's fall show, but he declined her an invitation. his rep said, "she is not a customer of ours, nor is she a friend of the de la rentas." ooh, burn.

bernie mac's been hiding a secret under those flashy suits he likes to wear. he's a long-time sufferer of sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease that causes tissue inflammation. mac's tissues aren't the only things on fire, that dude can spit out a red hot zinger like nobody's business.

leeza gibbon's husband, stephen meadows, has filed for divorce from the former "entertainment tonight" correspondent. we can't imagine why. it must be wonderful to be married to someone so endlessly perky.

kate hudson took son, ryder out on the town the other day. someone is ready for his first haircut. that little guy is looking a little rough.