Tuesday, February 01, 2005

we think we know how mischa barton stays so slim; kissing brandon davis would make anyone want to vomit. misch has followed in "oc" castmate rachel bilson's footsteps by selling her image to a discount brand. she is now the spokeswoman for keds. this is definitely a step down from dooney and bourke.

guess he wasn't lying when he said, "i got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too." snoop dogg has been accused of a gang rape that took place on the set of "jimmy kimmel live" two years ago. kimmel's thinking, "man, it sucks that this happened, but how else would my rotten show get press?"

cate blanchett is hesitating about trying on gowns for the oscars because she is worried that her infant son may throw up on them. we know how cate feels. the only reason we're not in a ballgown right now is because we're afraid the boy might blow a snotrocket on it.

she may not offer her tenants much time to move out, but no one can say jennifer aniston was a greedy landlord. she charged ali g star, sacha baron cohen and his girlfriend a mere $1,600/month to live in her $1.1 million hollywood hills home. they've been left scrambling to find a new place now that her split with brad pitt has forced her to move back in.

could jude law and sienna miller have duped us all? no, not about her age. they may already be married. word is, law has been wearing a band on his wedding ring finger, but his rep claims it has no special significance. more news on his wife swapping: rhys ifans was asked to join in, but declined. he had too much enduring love for his girlfriend at the time to try it.

cupping and macrobiotic diets aren't enough for gwyneth paltrow. she's trying a new alternative health program called gyrotonic expansion that was recommended to her by pal, madonna. if it's got madge's seal of approval, it's got to be good.

get ready for the outkast movie. it's going to be a musical. can't wait until june.

liv tyler takes her son milo out for a walk with his grandmother. no wait, we mean his grandfather, steven tyler. damn, dude looks like a lady.

though we could totally picture robbie williams smoking a blunt with shaggy, the singer was apparently terrified of many cartoons, including "scooby doo", as a boy. robbie, scooby doo? we don't get it. now being terrified of fantastic planet, that's another thing all together.

our man is back! britpoppa loves older guys (the boy is a very mature 26 3/4). that's why we were thrilled to hear that infinitely sexy tom brokaw has a two book deal with random house. though we can no longer stare at him each night at 7 pm, we can gaze longingly into the eyes of his book jacket pictures.

guess the royalties from his albums aren't rolling in from germany any more. david hasselhoff became addicted to the traditional english breakfast (beans and all) while starring in a london production of chicago last year, but refused to pay his hotel's rate of nearly $40 for the meal. he scourged the entire city until he found it for just $5. cheapskate.

finally england is stealing a reality show from the states. washed up ex of rod stewart, rachel hunter will host an "america's next top model" wannabe show in the uk called "make me a supermodel".

expect a lot of jack nicholson impersonations. christian slater is considering becoming a stand-up comic. unfortunately for the kuffs star, "last comic standing" got cancelled.

are you interested in the beck/scientology connection? everything you could ever want to know is right here (via golden fiddle).

add salma hayek to the list of ed norton's porker ex-girlfriends. salma, go easy on the pepsi. you're supposed to make us regular folks feel bad about our bodies.