Monday, February 14, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey valentine's day, 2001. it was a day to remember. okay, maybe not for us. if we recall correctly, we were a little heart-broken around that time. but nonetheless, it's worth reminiscing over.

here are the sweet nothings that hollywood's love birds were whispering about four years ago today:
  • despite receiving her first oscar nomination for you can count on me, laura linney wished she was still a stage actress. she didn't win that oscar in 2001, but this year she has another chance with kinsey.
  • johnny depp stood up his chocolat co-star, juliette binoche at the london premiere of their film, leaving her to wait outside in the cold for the brooding actor. these days, johnny usually shows to his premieres, but you never know what's going to come out of his mouth.
  • russell crowe released an album with his band, 20 odd foot of grunts, that included a song about jodie foster. while crowe's album didn't go on to sell many copies, it was still a good year for the actor. he took home the oscar the following month.

    on february 14, 2001:
  • rob thomas turned 29.
  • jules asner blew out 33 candles.
  • kevyn aucoin (r.i.p.) turned 39.
  • meg tilly turned 41.
  • james eckhouse celebrated his 46th birthday.
  • tim buckley would have turned 54.
  • gregory hines (r.i.p. aussi) turned 55.
  • alan parker and carl bernstein turned 57.
  • michael bloomberg turned 59.