Tuesday, February 15, 2005

this week hart would like to provide you with britpoppa's guide to fashion week. no, we weren't there. some of the lines we trash might have been gorgeous in person. we'll never know. the closest we ever come to designer clothes is browsing on ebay. so without further ado, here are our picks for best and worst of the runway.

actually, here's some further ado. we noticed some trends for fall 2005 that you might like to be aware of. and we're not talking about tips like "knits will be key for an updated look". nah, we're not that detail oriented. plus, the galleries at elle.com don't really give you much of a clue when it comes to fabrics. here's the bare bones. if you want to be stylish in september, be sure to be drab. blacks, greys and browns were everywhere (which might have made some of these lines blend together for us). these hues were favored by marc jacobs (usually so keen on color), calvin klein, bill blass, narisco rodriguez and ralph lauren, among others. also trendy was the prada look. many designers pretty much took the clothes off miuccia's racks. at least, it seemed that way to us. prada thieves included oscar de la renta, vera wang and derek lam. we love prada, though. so it's fine by us.

hooray for roland mouret's throwback collection. it was very 30s/40s and reminded us of zac posen's debut. also lovely: jill stuart, dkny and peter som.

we hate ashish's cosby sweaters. some of the rest of the collection was decent, but the cosby look made us feel as if a rubix cube had just vomited on us. also ick: donna karan, as four, diesel.

we haven't been crazy for monique lhuillier's gem stone-necked gowns, but we adored the fall collection. the colors were wonderful and rich. on our wish list as well: alice roi, proenza schouler and camilla staerk.

nicole miller's line was nice, if you like dressing like your new age mother. more ugh: alexandre herchcovitch, lela rose and matthew williamson.

we're giving tuleh the benefit of the doubt. even though there was so wretched camouflage, there were also lovely victorian pieces. bonus pretty: vivienne tam, michael kors and anna sui.

eww! who put that hot topic shopper on the runway. we did not like betsey johnson's line at all. gag us with a spoon. extra barf: lela rose, emma cook and bora asku. maybe we're boring, but we don't particularly like avant garde. it's unwearable.