Wednesday, February 02, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey sometimes we think about the years gone by and we wonder. what do we wonder? well, funny you should ask. we wonder about what was setting fire to the rumor mill in 2001. and here's the answer.

four years ago today, people were saying that:
  • peter sellers's ex-wife, britt ekland was planning a film about his life to star kevin kline. last year, the life and death of peter sellers premiered on hbo with geoffrey rush as sellers and charlize theron as ekland. the real ekland had nothing to do with the film.
  • tom cruise had banned then-wife nicole kidman to do any strenuous roles due to a knee injury she sustained while filming moulin rouge. the injury forced her to back out of panic room, which starred jodie foster instead. why didn't the press know about this lingering injury when they were speculating on her bandages in december?
  • director john woo had sent christian slater and nicolas cage to boot camp to train for their roles in windtalkers. too bad the discipline didn't last for these two hollywood rebels.
  • shooting on basic instinct 2 would "definitely take place before the spring". the movie has yet to be made.
  • sir anthony hopkins had split from his fiancee, francine kay because he has "no desire for commitment". better not tell that to his current wife, stella arroyave, who he married two short years later.

    on february 2, 2001:
  • punxsatawney phil saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. the forecast was shown live on times square's jumbotron.
  • diane von furstenberg married barry diller, who turned 59 that day.
  • shakira turned 24.
  • christie brinkley turned 47.
  • brent spiner turned 52.
  • farrah fawcett turned 54.
  • elaine stritch turned 76.