Thursday, February 03, 2005

seems like motherhood is bringing out the child in julia roberts. she was sporting pigtails when she and her assistants took phinnaeus and hazel out in taos, nm the other day.

lindsay lohan's having a tough week. not only are there rumors of her diva-like behavior on the set of just my luck emerging, but now she's being sued over a car crash that occurred last year. why won't you let her be?

eric clapton is a dad again. his wife gave birth to a baby girl on tuesday. when his daughter is 20, eric will be nearly 80-years-old.

i guess orlando bloom puts bros before hos. kate bosworth has revealed that she was fed up with bloom's constant debaucherous outings with his friends that left her ignored.

"project runway" fans: check out this breakdown of austin scarlett's appearance. it's classic (via gawker).

t-mobile won't be dropping snoop dogg like he's hot even though he is facing gang rape charges. they will continue to air his sidekick commercials. also going as scheduled is saturday's snooper bowl is jacksonville, fl.

hilary duff may work that prissy princess thing, but she's clearly more of a bad girl than anyone thinks. here's proof she's not that virginal.

ashton kutcher lets his shirt say what we've all been thinking. he's really just a corn-fed iowa boy at heart. kutcher will be the face of the latest tacky kabbalah offering, an energy drink like redbull infused with kabbalah water.

we all know that britney spears has skin problems, but puff daddy? the rap mogul will join spears, jessica simpson, alicia keys and vanessa williams in infomercials for proactiv solution.

popbitch bits:
  • lesbians have been spreading rumors that angelina jolie is stinky as hell.
  • after jessica simpson had a horrible audition for a movie, her father, joe told the casting director, "i have my other daughter ashlee in the car; can i bring her in?"
  • bob dylan is getting jiggy with a bartender at the bowery bar and can be seen there many a late night.
  • it might not have been just wife-swapping that ruined jude law's marriage to sadie frost. people's sexiest man alive may have been hooking up with supergrass's danny goffey as well as his girlfriend, pearl lowe.
  • orlando bloom has a fear of using urinals.

    bart simpson loves 50 cent. in the february 13 episode of "the simpsons" he will sneak out of the house to go to a fiddy concert. the rapper will guest star.

    lisa, get out fast! george clooney has told british magazine, new woman, that he is not sure if on-again girlfriend, lisa snowden is the one. girl, your biological clock is ticking and george clearly can't hear it.

    here's some proof that nicole richie is taking the dieting a bit too far. she was weighed during her appearance on the howard stern show and was a mere 97 pounds. here's a recap of here appearance on the show. someone get this girl a milkshake.

    wilmer valderrama isn't letting his break-up with lindsay lohan (and his subsequent loss of fame) get him down. he looks nice and toated in this picture from his recent birthday bash.

    we wonder what her catch phrase will be. martha stewart has made a deal with the devils - mark burnett and donald trump - and will host "the apprentice: martha stewart" after leaving prison. the casting process has already begun at

    former "law and order" star, elisabeth rohm, has ended her engagement to msnbc legal expert dan abrams. rohm's now looking for a new home after moving out of abrams's place last week.

    the grammys are going to be filled with even more pukeworthy performances than usual. in addition to a duet between jennifer lopez and marc anthony, bono, alicia keys, stevie wonder and norah jones will do a cover of the beatles' "across the universe" that will be sold to benefit the tsunami victims.

    owen wilson is claiming that he is not an alcoholic, but is attending aa meetings for research. owen, you're never going to get through those 12 steps if you're still in denial.

    ashlee simpson's recent backlash has caused even her pets to run away from her. if she and ryan cabrera are truly over, who'll be there to pick up all the pieces of ash?

    catherine zeta-jones and time robbins are in for a treat: harvard students prancing around like assholes. they've been given the distinction of hasty pudding man and woman of the year. past recipients include mel gibson, sarah jessica parker, drew barrymore and julia roberts.

    simon cowell's opened his big mouth again, this time while having breakfast at beverly hills' l'ermitage hotel. an eavesdropper overheard the brash "american idol" judge saying that this season's contestants are awful, kelly clarkson was the only one with talent who ever won and that, "without my pushing, clay aiken would never have gotten as far as he did."

    have you seen the trailer for constantine? yes, keanu reeves is a douchebag, but apparently he took that bathtub scene with co-star rachel weisz a little too far. she was afraid she might actually drown.

    imdb news:
  • the charges against paris hilton for stealing a copy of her sex tape have been dropped. as if she needs another excuse to party.
  • james gandolfini and his fiancee, lora somoza have broken up. this good news for all those ladies who like fatties.
  • model petra nemcova has finally been released from the hospital after her tsunami ordeal.

    kate moss bundled up while walking the streets of new york during her current visit to the city that never sleeps. we're guessing her erstwhile boyfriend, pete doherty, isn't getting much sleep either; he was just arrested for theft and assault. he's told the press that he's headed to rehab next week, after which he will move to st. petersburg with moss for six months. moss meanwhile is thinking about launching her own perfume.