Monday, February 14, 2005

penelope cruz (at right) has become the latest celebrity to rip off kate moss's signature bohemian style, even down to her pose. the most notable kate copy-cat is sienna miller (at left). speaking of kate, here's more contradicting reports of her ongoing romance with druggie rocker, pete doherty. pete may have had to go cold turkey on the heroin at his rehab center, but they allowed him conjugal visits. the mirror reports that during one such visit, moss agreed to marry doherty this summer. meanwhile, the sun is reporting that moss dumped doherty over the phone during a heated argument. which story is actually true? the world will never know.

guess brad pitt doesn't mind those photographs that us weekly published of jennifer aniston out with vince vaughn. he threw her a 36th birthday party this past weekend at their beverly hills home. guests included mel gibson, courteney cox-arquette and gwen stefani. vince was nowhere in sight.

cbs's "joan of arcadia" may be ailing, but its star, amber tamblyn has just reached an important milestone on the road to true celebrity. she recently obtained an extension on a restraining order for her first stalker! the man reportedly broke into her trailer and left her threatening messages.

if you haven't heard enough dish from superhead, she's getting ready to give you some more. superhead, aka karrine steffans, recently went public about her sex romps with usher, but she's just signed a book deal to reveal more. jay-z, ja rule and vin diesel will all be covered in the upcoming book with harpercollins. vin diesel? isn't he gay?

you can finally stop envying jane fonda's physique. we know you've been crying yourself to sleep over your inability to achieve her amazing figure since you first saw barbarella, but it turns out fonda has a secret. she battled bulimia for 35 years. could paris hilton also be a fan of the scarf and barf technique? rumors from the set of "the simple life" seem to indicate that she is.

is it just us or does nicky hilton look a little hungover at her lunch last thursday in west hollywood? either that or her louis vuitton bag is filled with bricks. nicky, what happened to your rainbow assortment of balenciagas?

sienna miller won't let anyone stand in the way of a good time, not even her fiance, jude law. despite the fact that law sent her several text messages urging her to head home, she continued to party the night away after saturday's bafta awards in london. maybe her wild ways, and not the fact that both law and miller have sisters who plan to wed this year, are the reason behind their decision to push back their wedding date.

kate bosworth and orlando bloom don't seem to be fans of the clean break. they were recently spotted kissing over dinner at chateau marmont. not another on-again, off-again couple. we can't keep up!

teen girls in search of the perfect prom dress received quite a surprise when they tried to reach one of the websites listed in both ym's your prom and teen prom magazine. it turns out the url in one of the mag's advertisements was actually for a porn site. on the bright side, perhaps the girls learned some important lessons for post-prom.

one of janet jackson's fans is suing her because of a security malfunction. she had invited the fan to join her in the vip area at nyc hot spot, marquee, but when he tried to pass her a note, her security guards choked him and kicked him out of the club. the angry fan is seeking $120 million.

mariah carey looked positively frightening as a bride on the set of her new video. word is that the vid will feature a sequence eerily similar to the party scenes in eyes wide shut. let's hope mariah isn't one of the masked ladies. puke.

is matthew perry back on the bottle again? we mean the pill bottle. the "friends" star was recently hospitalized for an adverse reaction to the prescription drugs he's been taking. perry was in rehab for addiction to prescription drugs in 1997 and 2001. could the adverse reaction actually be addiction? hmmm...

anyone who watched the grammy's last night knows that jamie foxx can sing (or at least he thinks he can). turns out foxx is planning his own album - big surprise - and seems to be clive davis's latest secret weapon. expect his debut sometime next year. check out the full list of grammy winners here.

just in time to address her marriage's naysayers, britney spears has issued another "letter of truth" to her fans. in this one, she states, "i fall more and more in love with kevin everyday" and gives debra messing's the wedding date her seal of approval. stereogum has the whole thing for your reading pleasure. if brit's marriage is indeed doing well, we think we know why. she supposedly has a bizarre condition where she needs to eat lots of carbs, causing her to gain weight. to eliminate the chubs, her doctor has insisted she and kevin have sex like rabbits (via oh no they didn't).

russell crowe's prima donna antics have shelved his latest film, eucalyptus, with nicole kidman. apparently crowe and the film's director, jocelyn moorhouse, were suffering from creative differences.

even nicole kidman's mother is trying to sneak a peek and determine whether or not her daughter's had a recent boob job. the sweet aussie actress took her mum out for a day at the opera.

marc anthony is proving to be a backseat driver in jennifer lopez's career. just before she debuted her collection, sweetface, anthony was changing the music and the order of the outfits, upsetting ceo, andy hilfiger. we'll see how long jennifer, who normally wears the pants in her relationships, will put up with this kind of behavior. check out pics from her runway show here.

vegan hip hop groundbreaker and entrepreneur, russell simmons is no chicken when it comes to speaking his mind. he's calling attention to the practices of kentucky fried chicken, claiming they are "grossly inhumane". we find the way his wife, kimora, pimps out her children for baby phat is equally inhumane. joining simmons in his crusade against kfc are the beastie boys. guess tibet proved too difficult an issue to resolve.

elisa's headlines:
  • there's a reason katie holmes has been spotted all over nyc lately; she's just bought an apartment there. reps claim katie's new york move hasn't affected her engagement to chris klein, though.
  • how sweet, in between hitting on numerous ladies at the espn superbowl party, nick lachey took a minute to call his wife, jessica simpson. we're touched.
  • drew barrymore has ditched her morals in order to claim a spot on the cover of vogue. she ended her long-time feud with anna wintour over the magazine's use of fur.
  • it seems nicole richie has been engaged to her boyfriend, dj am for more than just a week. she's been wearing her engagement ring since last september, but waited to break the news until she got her parents' approval.

    daryl hannah's biological clock is ticking really loudly these days. she's been getting fertility treatments in an attempt to become pregnant. if hannah became pregnant today, she would be 65 when her child turned 20.

    "oh nick, cut it out! you know i'd be on your drumline anytime!" christina milian cracks up on her cell phone while shopping in beverly hills. could her boyfriend, nick cannon, be on the other end of the line?