Monday, February 21, 2005

paris hilton was happier before her sidekick was hacked and all her friends (like amy sacco and victoria gotti) had to change their phone numbers. here she is just days before the information was released, celebrating her 24th birthday with beau, paris lastis. and here are some pics of the hilton clan enjoying disney world.

brooklyn, romeo, cruz. the beckhams welcomed their third son into the world on sunday via a scheduled c-section. only posh and becks could be so busy that they had to schedule their child's birth.

dolce and gabbana has pulled a proenza schouler. domenico dolce and stefano gabbana have ended their nearly two decade long relationship, but will remain business partners.

don't waste your time watching the finale of "the bachelorette" next week. star claims that jen schefft has already broken up with the man she chose and is seeing her boss.

poor wes anderson. his girlfriend of two years, tara subkoff (of imitation of christ and american pie), has dumped him for liev schreiber. wes, we say good riddens. and liev, we say dump her quick!

madonna will be playing a transvestite in an upcoming movie. she has nabbed the role of warhol favorite, candy darling and will play him for free. so many drag queens have portrayed the material girl over the years that we're guessing she felt she owed it to them.

we wonder if lindsay lohan preemptively changed her phone number before paris's address book got published. we were a little late to the party and didn't get a chance to try phoning her. besides, enduring phonecalls from the likes of britpoppa is the last thing little lindsay needs. her dad got arrested AGAIN for dwi this weekend and is trying to con the family into doing a reality show. busty lohan is also getting a breast reduction - digitally - for her film, herbie: fully loaded. according to screening reactions, her Ts were too big for a family film.

even katie couric isn't above playing games to get what she wants in relationships. she used her newly ex-boyfriend, trumpet player chris botti, to win her old ex-boyfriend, tom werner, back.

hunter s. thompson was found dead in his home on sunday after apparently shooting himself. it's unknown whether he was hopped up on goofballs at the time.

this will be a wedding to remember. marilyn manson and his fiancee, dita von teese, plan on getting married in april. we're doubting the bride will wear white.

renee zellweger must have a thing for musicians. just a few months after her break up with jack white was made official, she's been out on the town with mercury prize winner, damien rice. wonder how white's handling this "cannonball".

justin timberlake adjusts his "putter" while enjoying a lovely day on the golf course. nice argyle, dorkus.

britpoppa loves koko and we're guessing koko would love us. it seems she has a thing for the ladies. two women who worked with the sign language fluent gorilla said that they were threatened with being fired if they didn't show her their nipples.

steven tyler and his wife of 17 years, teresa, have separated. when asked to comment, teresa said, "it finally hit me. dude looks like a lady."

elizabeth hurley played the devil in bedazzled and now she'll play a witch in harry potter and the order of the phoenix. she's being tapped for the role of bellatrix lestrange, one of voldemort's followers.

jordan bratman didn't make his proposal easy on fiancee, christina aguilera. she had to find the ring by participating in a scavenger hunt. celebrities have too much time on their hands.

kelly osbourne may soon be employing the stomach stapling that her mother used to get rid of all that unsightly flab. to see some unsightly crack (not recommended), click here.

in case you're not down with the dead presidents, apparently abraham lincoln is really hot right now. wasn't he always hot? as the boy knows, we love a man with a full beard.

news flash: aaron carter is a dick.

jessica simpson is not letting husband, nick lachey, get off easy. she got revenge on him for hitting on some women at a superbowl party by flirting with john mayer at the grammys. she's just dying to hear him tell her that her body is a wonderland.

we guess it's not that hard to get over portia derossi. the woman that she left for ellen degeneres, francesca gregorini, has moved on to the director of boys don't cry, kimberly peirce. seems like girls don't cry either.

britney spears goes out for a few errands in kentwood. she remembered to bring her strawberry shortcake glass from home, but forgot her bra. avert your eyes!