Thursday, February 03, 2005

never one to miss the latest trend, lindsay lohan flashes her metallic balenciaga bag. britpoppa fans may donate to the buy britpoppa a balenciaga bag fund by sending cash via paypal. lohan's legal team has just sent a threatening letter to many "news sources" (us weekly, etc.) warning them not to publish her father's recent rants (via gawker).

it's time for some bonus gossip. it seems this thursday we're overwhelmed with gossip. true, none of it's groundbreaking stuff, but it's still worth another post. enjoy!

it's been far too long since britney spears has done anything wacky. we can't wait until she decides to throw some milkshakes at photographers or give her husband a blowjob on the balcony again. oh wait, here she is walking out of her home topless (via golden fiddle).

pink hopes that returning to her pissed-off roots will make her fans come crawling back. they must not have seen those thong pictures.

straight from his faux marriage to anna kournikova, enrique iglesias has joined beyonce knowles as the face of tommy hilfiger's true star fragrance. the men's version of course.

could kirsten dunst have been partly responsible for the bloom/bosworth break-up? e!'s ted casablancas implies she and orlando were doing more than just acting together on the set of cameron crowe's upcoming film, elizabethtown. maybe that's why kate hid in the bathroom and cried when she ran into kirsten at a party.

could matthew mcconaughey be on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend of less than a year, penelope cruz? he's gotten her father's permission and she's telling people she'd like to be married in july. doesn't anyone realize she's a lesbian?

tv guide industry news:
  • speaking of mcconaughey, he is going way out of character to star as a slacker. the romantic comedy, failure to launch, pairs him up with sarah jessica parker again (he had a cameo on "sex and the city").
  • jay baruchel, who stole about three of your hearts in "undeclared" and everyone else's hearts in million dollar baby, has just signed on for a jerry bruckheimer show in which he will play a legal prodigy.

    if you're still a weezer fan after the green album and maladroit, you're in for a treat. their rick rubin-produced fifth album should come out in may with the single, "beverly hills" to enter the radio waves in march.