Thursday, February 17, 2005

mischa barton went out on the town with her mary-kate beaded necklace and her newly slim boyfriend, brandon davis, on valentine's day. we didn't know brandon was an acdc fan.

april florio is changing her story again. instead of insisting that brad pitt tried to kiss her, she's now insisting that their meeting was so casual, he probably doesn't even remember her. it's true, she doesn't seem very memorable. if you insist on knowing more about her, learn the shape of her curves in this bikini shot.

george michael has announced he is quitting his job as a pop star and will begin working behind the scenes in the music industry. this comes as bad news to the scores of models he helped make even bigger names for themselves in his groundbreaking videos. don't worry, gals - another closeted cokehead will come along soon enough.

thank you, usa. thank you, ims. thank you for my citizenship! welcome to one of our country's newest citizens: alanis morisette. she's got one hand in her pocket and the other one's holding her new pasport.

wilmer valderrama seems to have his hopes set on popping every cherry in hollywood. his newest conquest is ashlee simpson. ash has been visiting wilmer on the set of his new movie for burgers, fries and whoopee.

elizabeth hurley looks damn good for 39. of course it's not that hard to look good in a bikini when you're a slight 105 lbs. hurley is launching her own line of upscale swimwear that will be sold at saks and on her website in april. check out more pictures from her photoshoot here.

britney spears is super pissed that her "private" honeymoon pictures have been published in numerous places. in a statement that she issued, britney said that the pictures were supposedly taken by resort workers who promised to keep the shots to themselves. just goes to show you, you can't trust anyone making minimum wage.

on the subject of the trailer trash couple, it seems as though the cheetos just aren't cutting it anymore. britney and kevin will soon start taking cooking lessons from a chef. knowing them, it's probably chef boyardee.

big surprise, one of the people who worked with paris and nicole on "the simple life" thinks they're "bitches from hell". we think that and we've never even met them. of course, britpoppa loves bitches.

either johnny depp thinks it's 1987 or he's trying to bring back mirrored sunglasses. they should make him quite popular in la. everyone's always looking in the mirror there.

it turns out george lucas is the biggest star wars nerd of them all. he's given himself a small role as baron papanoida in revenge of the sith. look for him in the opera house scene, unless his part is cut out.

jessica biel may have gotten nearly nude in that gear photoshoot years ago, but don't expect her to go all the way. she's currently searching for a body double for a film she is working on. her main requirement? natural breasts.

gavin rossdale is the kind of guy every girl dreams of: tall, dark and handsome. he even knows how to get to a gal's heart - through potatoes? he once sent wife, gwen stefani, two sacks of the spuds for valentine's day. romantic.

snoop d o double g sported a hot red fur coat in london recently. we're not fans of fur, but denying a pimp his mink is like denying britney spears her red bull - impossible.