Friday, February 25, 2005

mary-kate olsen was photographed outside a clinic in los angeles the other day. we suspect that she was not there for her eating disorder, but, in fact, for her bowleggedness.

jenna elfman and scientologists are completely fucking crazy. no wonder she signed on for "dharma and greg".

could another golden couple be on the verge of a breakdown? the mirror reports that gwyneth paltrow and chris martin have been arguing in public, with one row ending with gwyneth storming out of nobu after waiting for a table. gwyneth paltrow had to wait for a table? nobu, get your shit together.

natalie portman caused quite a stir in jerusalem the other day. she was filming a kissing scene by the sacred western wall, an action that is strictly taboo, provoking witnesses to shout and boo at her. this likely isn't the first time portman's been booed - remember "where the heart is"?

hilary duff's gone hipster. see more pictures of her with the cool kids at misshapes here and read an account of the sighting here.

is demi moore going to play summer's mom on "the oc" or are she and ashton just punking us? get the scoop here (via defamer).

jennifer lopez has finally fessed up to being mrs. marc anthony. hey, if we were married to a man with that frog-faced mug, we'd wait seven months to admit it too.

john travolta is being considered for a role as an overweight drag queen in the hairspray movie musical. yup, sounds about right.

finally, the truth about jennifer love hewitt emerges: she's a geek. and not the nerdy kind, the chicken head biting kind.

whitney houston has been barfing up a storm (and she probably has the runs, too). the singer came down with a case of gastroenteritis on a flight to paris and had to be hospitalized. we heard she initially started spewing when she learned that the inflight entertainment included the video for her duet with husband, bobby brown, "something in common".

after catching wind of whitney's unfortunate barf bag incident, we thought seeing a celebrity puking would make our life complete. not so, this picture just left us cold.

mtv had two julie browns. one was totally awesome and the other was a pretentious mega-bitch. guess which one is suing abc for giving her scars (physical, not emotional)?

madonna doesn't ditch her signature earflap cap, but manages to look truly botticelli-esque the other day outside the mercer hotel in new york. we wonder, though, if she has an amazing apt there, why does she stay at the mercer?