Monday, February 07, 2005

mandy moore and zach braff have been spotted again. this granite state gal looks delighted to be with her garden state man.

our "project runway" spoiler was a bust. it turns out that all four of the current finalists got to do runway shows this past weekend in an attempt to keep spoilers like ours at bay. check out the pics from the shows where jay's collection truly stood out.

speaking of designers, they're almost as crazy as jude law and sadie frost. it seems to have been a little bit of partner swapping that broke up smolderingly hot proenza schouler team, jack mccollough and lazaro hernandez. boys, if you're ever feeling a little bi-curious, we're available.

but since we've mentioned jude and sadie, here's the latest from their tawdry wife-swapping tales: their debaucherous villa stay ended pretty badly when jude's friend socked danny goffey in the eye, after which law stood over the supergrass drummer laughing. hey jude, that's pretty harsh.

great news if britpoppa's daily dose of paparazzi pics doesn't meet your fix: the jjb pictures board is open again!

imdb news:
  • the pink diamond engagement ring that ben affleck bought for jennifer lopez is on sale again at harry winston. whoever buys that one is in for a lasting relationship.
  • chris tucker will testify for michael jackson in his child molestation trial. how can anyone take someone with that voice seriously?
  • owen wilson has defended his pal, ben stiller, from a scathing review by a new yorker reporter. wonder if this is one of his 12 steps.
  • britney spears may move into one of donald trump's new estates in his rancho palos verdes property in california. here's more proof it's a real hot property: so's "hercules'" kevin sorbo.
  • heather graham is single again after breaking it off with sweet home alabama's josh lucas. this gal just can't seem to stay committed.

    when a drunken tara reid emerges from a club in tears and fur, you know it's been a great night.

    does anyone really care about the sag awards? we sure don't. but if you do, here's a list of the winners.

    tori spelling is a rat. at least that's what nicole richie says. she has a bunch of rodents named after the cast of "beverly hills, 90210". tori was a gift for pal, paris hilton.

    christian slater has flown to los angeles in an attempt to win back his estranged wife, ryan haddon. the couple was long rumored to have problems, but we think the final straw came when ryan caught a saturday afternoon showing of kuffs on the upn.

    page sixsixsix has received an anonymous tip that mischa barton is a coke addict. oh, that explains these shoes. besides, we all knew she was doing lines between takes anyway.

    another day another story about usher's crazy sex life.

    jessica alba and her beau, cash warren, might be looking over at dax shepard. i hear he's been naked stalking the "dark angel" since he naked punk'd her a couple years ago.

    let's hope if this rumor is true that jessica simpson and nick lachey have an open marriage. apparently nick had his bodyguard request that a blonde looker at an espn superbowl party on saturday meet him at his hotel.

    nick's not the only celebrity husband with a wandering eye. it seems kelly ripa's man, marc consuelos, has a thing for carmen electra. not only did he keep kissing dave navarro's lady well after a director called "cut" on their scene for "hope and faith", but he also gave a more than lingering glance when she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction on the set.

    maybe these two should have followed in will smith and jada pinckett's lead. they have an agreement that they can have sex outside of the marriage - if the other approves of it first. now we know where the "fresh" in the "fresh prince" comes from.

    adrienne curry didn't leave the stripping behind when she left "the surreal life". she was giving out free lap dances the other night at nyc strip club scores. wonder what christopher knight thinks about that.

    demi moore should have scouted for the paparazzi before she went shopping with daughter, scout. the polka dots really become you, gals.

    female strokes fans may have one less member of the band to lust after as lead singer, julian casablancas is rumored to be marrying his fiancee, juliet joslin, this weekend. expect these upper east-siders to celebrate their buddy's "last night" as a bachelor in style.

    kate moss is doing what pete doherty's friends refused to do for him: bail him out of jail. kate will allegedly shell out nearly $300k to get her flame out from behind bars. of course spending $300k for kate moss is like buying a candy bar for britpoppa. (speaking of our lack of cash, be sure to donate to the buy britpoppa a balenciaga bag fund).

    britney spears has been taking some cues from paris hilton by sporting a brown wig the last few days. she also wore a shirt that read "i love nerds". maybe that explains the dorkocity eminent in kevin federline's details cover shot.

    nicole kidman is selling her australian waterfront home after discovering it was bugged earlier this month. but the bugging isn't the only reason for the sale. the house still holds many memories of her failed marriage to tom cruise. nic, move on, he's gay.

    angelina jolie goes covert in a trench coat and dark glasses. it's best she stay low-key with all those pissed off brad and jen fans out there.