Wednesday, February 09, 2005

madonna and child (and husband) ventured out of their london home to attend a pilates class. but madonna, what about karate?

wanna smell like sarah? sarah jessica parker is going to launch her own line of perfumes from coty. "it'll be intentionally quiet, not a very aggressive scent," she said. not aggressive? we doubt samantha jones would approve.

celebrities are causing a lot of problems at the fall fashion shows this week. beyonce and jay-z arrived 90 minutes late to the marc jacobs show, delaying it and infuriating anna wintour. the paparazzi nearly kept the baby phat show from going on time and paris and nicky hilton made a ruckus at the luca luca show.

much as we like to see actresses without them, kate winslet says that bras are very important. the right bra gets her into character. "if the bra's right, everything else falls into place," she says.

elton john wants justin timberlake to portray him in an upcoming $40 million disney film based on his life. disney okayed a $40 million film about elton john? someone fire michael eisner now.

in other self-indulgent bad ideas, will smith wants to make his flop film, wild wild west into a broadway musical. that'll be the day.

jude law shows us here that while he may be a shitty husband, he's a pretty great father. at least his son, rudy seems to think so.

anna kournikova's nude fan is behind bars after being charged with several crimes, including stalking and burglary. he tracked her home down on the internet and then showed up naked in a neighbor's yard. that's the way to win her over.

jack white's love of music kept him from becoming a priest when he was a teen. though he had been accepted to a seminary, he decided not to go because he had just gotten a new amp and he was not sure if he would be allowed to take it with him.

lindsay lohan has a thing for jackasses. she's been hooking up with johnny knoxville while both are in new orleans shooting movies. 33-year-old knoxville can't have been good for her health as she has come down with a bad case of the flu.

jamie foxx is a real sweetie. while partying at the members-only spider club in la, he noticed that a girl was crying. when he found out it was her 21st birthday and that she had been stood up, he danced with her.

bruce willis is looking forward to die hard 4. the script is being written now and the movie should start filming in the fall. too bad the rest of us aren't looking forward to it too.

reese witherspoon steps out with her babies and her babe - husband, ryan phillippe. we missed you, reese.

it's a good thing that miami is full of hotties. "csi: miami" star, david caruso may soon be looking for someone to ease his pain now that his wife has filed for divorce after eight years of marriage.

victoria and david beckham are over the moon about the news that their third child will be a girl. word is, they will name her luna.

could brad pitt have moved on from jennifer aniston already? april florio, a model/actress who hangs out with george clooney's crowd has said that she has been spending time with pitt in greece and california. greece? that's aniston's (born anastassakis) territory. have some heart, brad.

when adam brody first moved to los angeles, he and his roommate had bunkbeds. we wonder who was on top.

missy elliott is facing criticism from the monarchy. a logo that she created for her adidas line was scrutinized by the queen of denmark because it looked too much like her royal seal. adidas has since put a stop on the line.

mary-kate olsen sure likes that leather jacket/green sweatshirt combo. she wore it again the next day to the imitation of christ show.

all of you out there who plan to watch the oscars are in for a real treat, minnie driver will be performing her song from the phantom of the opera movie. hooray! beyonce will also sing for the show, dueting with josh groban.

imdb news:
  • it's sure hard to play piano from a hospital bed. billy joel has been hospitalized for severe gastric pains. maybe he has a case of the ruby tuesdays.
  • a lawsuit claiming that liz taylor should have known the van gogh painting she owned was stolen by nazis has been dismissed.
  • liza minelli's christmastime fall was alcohol-related. surprise, surprise.
  • corey feldman will use the michael jackson trial to get back in the spotlight in an upcoming 20/20 interview. in the interview, feldman questions his childhood relationship with jackson.

    much more generous about his time with jackson is macaulay culkin. he recently issued a public statement defending his friend from any wrong doing. culkin is the godfather of jackson's son, prince michael i.

    ben stiller will be a real april fool when he hosts the nickelodeon kids' choice awards that month. the show started out as a silly way for kids to see celebrities get slimed, but has since turned into an important hollywood event.

    chris noth will be returning to the "law and order" franchise after leaving the original show 10 years ago. he will share detective duties with vincent d'onfrio on "criminal intent", with each actor fronting 11 episodes.

    with those dark circles under his eyes, it seems that hayden christensen may have gotten a little too into his role as darth vader in the upcoming star wars film.