Tuesday, February 08, 2005

looks like kevin federline's been taking his style tips straight out of julia stiles's save the last dance. next time add the hoops, kev. they really complete the look.

kevin's lovely wife, britney spears is having knee problems again. she's sued eight insurance companies for rejecting the $9.8 million claim she filed after injuring her knee last summer. the injury kept her from completing her onyx hotel tour.

ellen degeneres will reward her audience for the valentine's day show taping. she's gotten ice.com to donate diamond necklaces worth $95 each. ice.com? sounds more like swag.net.

actress, model, keds spokeswoman, author? mischa barton is shopping around a book on fashion that is heavily photo-driven. oh okay, not so many words. this sounds far more likely (via page sixsixsix).

improbable casting news of the day: linsday lohan will star as meryl streep's daughter in a new robert altman film. could this mean that people are actually taking the long island poptart seriously? incredible. altman, meanwhile, is being sued by his neighbors for a defective wall that he built on his property.

also facing a lawsuit is daryl hannah. a public relations firm that claims responsibility for revitalizing her career says that they have not been paid for their services. we'd pay them to stop hannah's career.

n.e.r.d. frontman, pharrell williams has asked for $57k worth of alcohol for his friends in exchange for hosting a brit awards after party. he's also asked that belly dancers be brought in to entertain his entourage. we don't think a real nerd would make those kind of requests.

it doesn't look like heidi klum was draggin her man seal into dressing up as dragons for carnival in germany. he was certainly a willing participant.

kristin davis will make her return to television by jumping on the crime show bandwagon in a new series called "soccer moms". davis will play one of two suburban mother detectives.

shannen doherty has dumped rick salomon again. the two were all over each other at sundance, but she's already found someone new. shannen was making out with club manager, eugene rem, the other night at marquee. could she and rick have paired up at the film festival just to irk paris hilton?

another day, another image for madonna. this time she wants us all to picture her in a black belt. she's earned the coveted status in her newly adopted sport of karate.

since when do paris hilton's parents have to bribe a boy to get her a date? the couple have offered prince harry a lifetime of free hilton hotel stays if he will attend her 24th birthday party later this month. paris wrote harry a personal invitation to the party, but he said he would have to ask his father before he could come.

get a sneak peek at the cast of the fourth season of "america's next top model". the show premieres march 2. also, if you're a long-time "antm" watcher, check out elyse and amanda's live journals (via oh no they didn't).

jessica simpson's new look for fall: jean jackets and buck teeth. get your own pair here.

it seems like haylie's not the only duff going to harvard. younger sister hilary has enrolled in an online course at the ivy league school. we hope it's an acting course.

drew barrymore has left strokes drummer, fabrizio morretti to cry in his coffee. page six reports that she broke up with him in a "dear john" letter. that's just a step above the goodbye email. drew, we expected more from you.

meanwhile, fab's stroke mate, julian casablancas was wed to juliet joslin on saturday and will not be getting married this weekend as previously reported (duh). the reception took place at the swank tavern on the green. good call, julian. the money from your tired band is not likely to keep rolling in much longer.

julian's not the only celeb getting hitched. charlize theron may marry her beau, stuart townsend in dublin later this year. the real question is, will she have her natural hair color back by then?

dakota fanning's talent extends far beyond the screen. the little prodigy began reading at age two. britpoppa was still in diapers and breast-feeding at age four.

katie holmes showed her all- american wild side in a cadillac race last weekend for the superbowl. the only thing missing? her american pie fiance, chris klein.

eva mendes took a risk before her first onscreen kiss with will smith for hitch. in an attempt to ease her nervousness, she ate her favorite comfort food: a "tuna fish sandwich with extra onions and doritos smashed inside of them". we're surprised she didn't puke on the fresh prince.

sylvester stallone's new magazine, sly, will hit newsstands next monday, just in time for valentine's day. man, if we got the sylvester stallone magazine for valentine's day, that's one relationship that wouldn't make it to next v-day.

kelly osbourne credits rehab with saving her life. she said of her habits before going, "i did so many different types of pills that the stuff in them was rotting my liver and stomach. i'd be throwing up blood in between smoking, drinking and taking whatever i could get my hands on." like father, like daughter.

kelly's mum, sharon osbourne has revealed the reason her show was cancelled. she asked a new zealander if he had ever had sex with a sheep. we think the show was canned because it was bad.

gavin rossdale has baby fever. he's been begging his wife, gwen stefani for a child, but from the looks of her figure lately, there's not one on the way. rossdale promised stefani that he would take the child on the road with him to give her a break. seems like an empty promise. when's the last time bush toured?

a pregnant denise richards takes her baby out for a nice day of posing for the paparazzi. at least she earned her bump, unlike the victim of britpoppa's semi-weekly celebrity guessing game.