Wednesday, February 02, 2005

katie holmes tries to high five herself for taking up smoking in an attempt to maintain her rail-thin figure.

yogi berra is fuming over a tbs ad for reruns of "sex and the city" that uses his name in a sexual manner. he's sued the network for $10 million over damage to his reputation.

michael stipe once frightened his idol shirley maclaine by telling her he'd had a dream about her. the terrified actress called security on him. wonder if his eyebrows were blue at the time.

is anyone surprised? robbie williams enjoyed dressing in drag.

martha stewart might be due for some time in solitary confinement. she's been rumored to be breaking the prison rules and conducting business while behind bars. while talking to senior magazine staffers, she hides her company concerns amidst chitchat about her dogs.

kirsten dunst does a good deed by giving some greenbacks to a homeless man, while also doing a bad fashion deed (she's got leggings on under that skirt).

beyonce may have jay-z in life, but she wants chris martin in song. the destiny's child frontwoman is eager to duet with coldplay's singer and gwyneth paltrow's husband. meanwhile, jay is countersuing his ex-touring partner, r. kelly for his behavior (including crying and walking off the stage) on the "best of both worlds tour".

brad pitt and jennifer aniston's separation seems to be so only in words. contrary to earlier reports that she was staying with her hairdresser or moving back into her old place, jen is actually still living with brad and has been seen holding hands with her man. maybe this is why pitt's grandmother is convinced they will get back together.

b-list celebrity romance news: poor bobcat goldthwait. his fiance and girlfriend of five years, nikki cox, has left him for jay mohr. but watch out, nikki. mohr's been on the prowl.

bisquick beckham will be welcomed into the world on february 25. that's the date his mother, victoria beckham, will give birth at a madrid clinic.

it's nice when a man is comfortable with the fact that he does not wear the pants in the family. chad lowe not only has to deal with his wife, hilary swank's consistent eschewing of her femininity onscreen, but also the fact that she earns WAY more money than him.

the bitch is back. karl lagerfeld has revealed that nicole kidman's beauty is all an illusion. the chanel designer said of the label's spokeswoman, "she has this bizarre body make-up: endless legs and not very much in the way of breasts. what she shows to the world is not her." don't expect her to sign another contract, laggie.

debra messing has taught her 10-month-old son, roman, to use sign language in order to communicate his needs. he already knows the signs for "milk" and "more". can't wait until he can sign "will and grace has jumped the shark." and here's proof: they've gone from having a-list cameos like madonna and jennifer lopez to enlisting 90210 has-been luke perry for an episode later this month.

i guess we know how donald trump made his millions; he's super cheap. he's refusing to pay a contractor who installed chandeliers for his wedding two weekends ago because he claims they did a shoddy job. i question why he didn't utter his trademark line and fire the guy then.

paris and nicky hilton recently enjoyed a meal together at koi. in case you've been living under a rock, nicky's the one with the horse face and the balenciaga bag.