Friday, February 04, 2005

johnny depp looks a bit mc skat cat-y in this outfit. who'd have thought we could be lovers? we make the bed and he steals the covers. when johnny's stressed he likes to engage in marathon cursing sessions. his favorite phrase is "fuck it". someone hold those children's ears!

madonna's quest to make sure everyone around her is exposed to the wonders of kabbalah continues. she's phased out all of her family members who are not kabbalists. does that mean missy elliot practices jewish mysticism? madonna will make a guest appearance on her show, "the road to stardom" on february 16.

$30 million is chump change for puff daddy. he just turned down that figure as an offer from warner music to buy half of his bad boy record label. it's all about the benjamins, baby.

rob schneider showed an la times reporter that you don't mess with a gigolo. he took out a full-page ad in variety to publish a nasty letter that he wrote in response to the reporter's scathing critique of movies like schneider's upcoming deuce bigalo: european gigolo. defamer transcribed the letter and proved that schneider really is an animal.

boy george is finally sharing his fashion tips with the world. he's launched his own line of clothing, b-rude, which will have its catwalk debut at new york's fashion week.

ben affleck is a bit trigger happy when it comes to proposals. people magazine is reporting that he's planning to get down on one knee for new girlfriend, jennifer garner as early as valentine's day (via oh no they didn't). engagement may not be the only life change garner's ready to take on. she's hinted she may leave acting as she would like to "be a business woman, an investment banker." she says she wants to pursue a graduate degree.

nicole richie (all 97 pounds of her) sports some blood red lipstick as she walks through nyc with her boyfriend, dj am.

dr. dre is doing his best to keep his upcoming birthday under wraps. he turns the big 4-0 on february 18, but he's asked bbc radio1 not to mention his age when they celebrate the day with dre-themed programming.

tlc's lisa "left eye" lopes may be dead, but she's not gone. babyface's wife, tracey edmonds is currently working on a tv movie about her life. just make sure there ain't no scrubs in the cast, aight?

for all those who doubted that adrianne curry and christopher knight were the real thing, he's stated in interviews that they have been dating since the end of "the surreal life". in fact, the former brady has met the next top model's mother (via gawker).

samantha morton is working on her first screenplay. it's called twoc (taken without owner's consent) and is about children in foster care. morton is especially dedicated to the project as she spent time in foster care herself.

uma thurman looks delighted to be talking to whoever is on the other end of her mobile. we're betting it's andre balasz and not ethan hawke.

think you know the answers to these page six blind items?
which aging oscar-winning actress was less than truthful about her strangely named baby's birth? the infant was actually born six weeks premature, but the star hid that fact by waiting until her due date to announce the birth . . . which younger oscar-winning actress is also keeping a baby secret? although it was announced she had a natural birth, her adorable daughter was actually born via c-section - and she has a scar to prove it.
we're thinking gwyneth on the last one. leave your guesses in the comments section.

jamie lynn spears is a child of god. and she's proving she's heaven-sent compared to her sister as she spent last weekend at a bible study retreat. "zoey 101"? more like jesus 101 (via gawker).

sadie frost's boy toy lover, jackson scott is none too pleased about the recent stories that claim that she and ex-husband, jude law were swingers. the two have been fighting constantly since the stories broke and may be on the verge of splitting. who will be her date to jude's upcoming wedding?

who says celebrities aren't above the law? macaulay culkin has managed to get his marijuana possession trial delayed until april in order for his lawyers to work on a plea bargain.

looks like drew barrymore's been taking tips from her charlie's angels co-star, cameron diaz as she's started photographing the paparazzi.