Wednesday, February 09, 2005

2001: a gossip odyssey it may not be kubrick, it may not be homer, but britpoppa's 2001: a gossip odyssey is sure a lot of fun.

we went back four years in our time machine and overheard some hollywood hot shots saying that:
  • jane fonda was going from aerobics goddess to child of god. she had gotten very religious and was even thinking about being a televangelist. lately she's been spending time with the holiest of holies - jennifer lopez. they've been filming monster in law.
  • kate hudson's rocker husband, chris robinson had rubbed off on her. she was becoming a very vocal supporter of mind-freeing drugs like marijuana. the couple only gets closer. nowadays they even dress alike.
  • halle berry was fessing up that she had taken her time before marrying eric benet. she was worried that she might become depressed if they were to ever split. it seems she's handled their divorce (which was just finalized last month) quite nicely. she's even found a beau in silver spring native, michael ealy.
  • pamela anderson had dumped supermodel marcus schenkenberg for easy-listening singer michael bolton after beating him in a tequila-drinking contest in the bahamas. she's now dating stephen dorff after losing to him in a "who's more of a b-lister" contest.
  • david bowie had saved kate winslet's planned film, therese raquin, from being scrapped. she and then-husband jim threapleton had just lost a producer when bowie agreed to help finance. the film never got made, likely due to winslet's divorce from threapleton, but her career hasn't suffered. she's been nominated for her fourth oscar this year for eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

    on february 9, 2001:
  • david gallagher was eligible to get his driver's license.
  • mena suvari and ziyi zhang turned 22.
  • amber valetta turned 27.
  • travis tritt was two years shy of 40.
  • judith light turned 52.
  • mia farrow turned 56.
  • joe pesci blew out 58 candles on his birthday cake.
  • carole king turned 59.