Wednesday, February 23, 2005

it looks like ewan mcgregor uses a hands-on approach when it comes to teaching his kids about the birds and the bees. he should be careful or he might have a michael jackson situation to deal with.

don't let paris hilton's sidekick hacker give you any ideas - he's in big trouble. and don't go clicking this link, either. the feds might track you down. but do click here to find out what paris had to say about her virtual theft.

save the penguins! puff daddy recently hosted a party in miami for the opening of a swank new hotel, including penguins as pool decorations. the penguins were terrified of falling into the pool's warm water, prompting peta to send p. did a big "hiss!"

tom cruise is crazy. he's supposedly dating a fiery latin beauty, but he still has time to put together a scientology tent for the crew of war of the worlds. someone should be spending a little more of his off time in the sack.

hunter s. thompson likely planned his recent suicide, says a friend. he wanted his death to be a celebration. the festivities will begin with his ashes being blasted across his property in a cannon. so punk rock. read britpoppa idol, kurt loder's reflections on the icon here.

beyonce chews on a candy cigarette while deplaning last week. okay, so maybe it's not a candy cigarette, but we're really trying to bring them back, so let's just pretend for a minute.

the gotti boys weren't always the sleek, gel-covered "heartthrobs" they are now. frank was once a fatty.

high school shout-out: britpoppa's former classmate, nina stotler was quoted in page six today! apparently she didn't enjoy her mermaid duties at nyc bar, coral room. from montgomery village, md to the big apple's biggest tabloid paper! congrats!

pop-punk heroes, blink 182, have announced that they are taking an "indefinite hiatus" with the group. we suspect that "all the small things" built up to cause the break up.

tori amos cements her status as a rock queen by going out dressed in royal purple the other day in nyc. all hail tori.

jessica simpson suffered from the flu that seems to be hitting all the major celebrities lately (lindsay lohan, michael jackson, et. al). she was briefly hospitalized in chicago on monday while in town shooting a segment for "oprah".

speaking of jessica, she and husband, nick lachey are continuing to take their pda sessions on tour, in an attempt to fight off rumors that their relationship is on the verge of a breakdown. the latest stop? chris rock's secret show at the laugh factory, where their kissing was distracting the audience as well as rock. what's next for the couple? a possible ironic duet on a moby track?

don't expect prince charles and camilla's wedding to be a replay of his elaborate nuptials to princess diana. the event will be very low key and even the queen has turned down an invitation.

jake gyllenhaal is a little bit self conscious about his bald head. don't worry, it's for a movie role, his locks will be back soon.

robbie williams is never one to pass up a trend. he's collaborating with the scissor sisters for a track on his next album. at least this one should be good.

more austin scarlett news: if you're still lamenting the fact that the fashion designing pixie will not be on tonight's "project runway" finale, get your fix of him by reading tv guide's interview.

couldn't get into harvard? no problem, britpoppa has found the school for you. jay-z will be opening the s carter academy in new york this spring. the school will instruct on music, sports and fashion. maybe pharrell williams will be a professor.

we hate to admit it, but david beckham is pretty gorgeous, especially with the permanent smile he's been wearing since the birth of his third son, cruz. he must smell good too, because he and his wife, victoria are going to release their own fragrances.